G-31-8.6.2 Insurance Responsibility for Use of Personally Owned Vehicles

Employees or volunteers may use personally owned vehicles on behalf of the College. When such use of a personal vehicle by an employee occurs, the following conditions apply with regard to insurance responsibility.

  1. The employee or volunteer driving while working on behalf of the College must have a valid driver's license.
  2. The owner of the vehicle's insurance is primary in the event of an accident.
  3. The owner of the vehicle will be responsible for keeping the vehicle in safe working order.
  4. The owner of the vehicle will be responsible for all damage to the vehicle.
  5. The owner of the vehicle shall maintain liability insurance in the amount equal to or exceed the state minimum requirements.
  6. The owner is responsible for injury to passengers and others as a result of any accident.
  7. The College's insurance shall apply excess in the event the primary limits are exhausted.
  8. The individual will indemnify and hold the College harmless for all liabilities and damage resulting from their actions. The College shall indemnify and hold harmless the individual for liability and damage caused through College actions.