G-34-3.1.6 Faculty Promotions Procedures

The Promotions Committee reviews content in the candidate's personnel file from either their date of hire (for promotion to Assistant Professor II) or since their last promotion, including recommendations from the last Promotion Committee's notice of promotion. During candidate deliberations, only items contained in the file can be used as part of the discussion. Discussion of personal knowledge of a candidate or special circumstances not contained in the file are not part of the deliberations.

The Promotions Committee needs a complete file with required documentation to be able to conduct a thorough review. The faculty member is responsible for ensuring required items are submitted by the established deadlines. However, the faculty member shall be held harmless for items missing from the file as long as the faculty member has documented proof that the original submission deadlines (such as October 15 for ARA and PIP Final Reports) has been met for any items required to be in the file. Faculty should allow two to three weeks for documentation to go through the appropriate channels before checking their file in HR. The faculty member is still responsible for reviewing the file for any missing documents and take appropriate action to submit documentation or provide rationale on the Missing Documents form for extenuating circumstances in advance of the deadline for file closure in January.

If the Committee needs clarification on an item contained in the file, the Committee may ask for a meeting with either the candidate or the candidate's designated evaluator.

While the Committee strives to reach a unanimous decision, a faculty member will be recommended for promotion when five of the seven members of the committee affirm the recommendation. Voting is to be done by a written ballot made public to the committee upon each individual member's vote, giving each member the opportunity to justify their vote. Discussions contained during deliberations as well as actual voting results are to remain confidential; they are not made public beyond the committee.

Faculty denied promotion will have an opportunity to meet with the committee during that spring term to discuss concerns and recommendations noted in the letter they had previously received from the Committee. Their designated evaluator can also attend that meeting if the faculty member prefers. This meeting will not change the outcome of the decision made previously by the Board of Directors, but can help direct the candidate how to strengthen their file for the next time the candidate stands for promotion.