G-31-9.2.2 Facility Use Policy

  1. Request for Use of Facilities

    Reservations by a non-COCC organization to hold an event at the College are to be made through the Office of College Advancement for COCC's Bend campus, or the branch campus director for COCC's Redmond, Madras, or Prineville campuses. Requests for use of Central Oregon Community College facilities generally fall into two categories:

    1. College Groups and College Events -- No Facility Fee

    This includes all College instructional classes, staff and committee meetings, events organized or sponsored by the a College department,and recognized College groups, and recognized student groups (with the approval of the Director of Student and Campus Life). 

    2. Non-College Groups and Events -- Subject to Facility Fee

    This pertains to all non-College groups and events that are permitted on campus. Any non-College group using the facility is prohibited from using the College's name to imply sponsorship, endorsement or financial support of the event scheduled other than for purposes of providing location information, unless otherwise expressly permitted. Fund-raising activities are restricted and must obtain approval from the Chief Advancement Officer prior to the activity being scheduled. Room rental rates and related fees are located on the College's website. Waiver or modification of the facility fee may be made by the President of Chief Advancement Officer based on meeting one or more of the following criteria:

    1. There is a tangible and defined benefit to the College and/or service to the community.
    2. The College generates FTE from the event.
    3. The College has a reciprocal agreement or partnership with the user.
    4. The College sponsors the event.

Room rental charges cover room use only. Additional direct costs related to the facility use, including but not limited to expenses associated with the following, may be assessed:

      1. Equipment (media or other)
      2. Computer lab or computer usage
      3. Technology personnel support
      4. Utilities when events occur outside College regular schedule
      5. Labor costs for scheduling, custom installation, room set-up, opening/closing, custodial services, and supervision.
  1. Application for Use

    The use of a College facility shall be requested by an application process and reserved on a first-come, first-served basis, subject to the classification of priorities as listed in Section B. - User Priority, and any other College use conditions or restrictions which may be applicable at the time the Facility Use Application is approved. A Facility Use Application is required for any scheduled event and shall be filed with the Office of College Advancement or the branch campus administrator where the event is to be held.

    1. Application and Approval

    A Facility Use Application may not request facility use of more than one (1) week without permission, in writing, from the Office of College Advancement or branch campus administrator. Permission to use a College facility is given for a specific date or dates, and times. Only the date(s), time(s), and the facility for which permission has been granted will be honored. Any rehearsal time, decorating time, special set-up and/or takedown time must be included in the requested and approved Facility Use application. Permission to use College equipment and/or supplies must be requested via the Facility Use application process. The requested equipment and/or supplies must be available and identified in writing before permission will be granted for their use. Final permission to use a College facility must be confirmed in writing.

    2. Cancellation

    The College must receive written notice no less than two (2) business days prior to the date of the event if the applicant chooses to cancel the use of a facility. The College will charge a fifty dollar ($50) processing fee and any costs incurred if the user fails to provide notice of the cancellation more than two (2) business days before the event.

    3. User Priority

    Following is the user priority list that shall be adhered to in reserving a College facility
    (Note: Coats Campus Center and Barber Library have separate policies):
      1. College instruction.
      2. College event.
      3. Non-instructional use by the Associated Students of Central Oregon Community College (ASCOCC) or a recognized COCC student organization.
      4. COCC - affiliated organization
      5. Non-College group or individual.
        1. General public (individual or business) using facility for non-profit purposes
        2. Non-Profit (501c3) or Government entity (local, state or federal)
        3. Individual or business using facility for an event intended to generate a profit.

      4. Facility Availability and Requirements

College facilities are normally available Monday through Sunday between the hours of 7:00 A.M. and 10:00 P.M., except on holidays and other days of scheduled closures. Hours are scheduled at the discretion of the Director of Campus Services and/or Chief Advancement Officer. Due to class scheduling, the use of a College facility generally cannot be confirmed more than ninety (90) days in advance of a request. It is recommended that no applicant should make any commitment, release any advertising, or take any action committing the use of a College facility until written confirmation is received from the College. Scheduling of facilities does not imply COCC personnel will be available to support a request. Any an all COCC support personnel should be requested at the time of the application.

3. Event Content

The nature of an event must be described in detail in the Facility Use Application. The College reserves the right to accept or reject any request for use of a College facility after reviewing the request of an organization if the College reasonably believes the event will cause substantial disruption to its educational environment or if sufficient staffing is unavailable. An event offered in any College facility will not contain information that has a reasonable likelihood of materially and substantially interfering with the operation or activities of the College or which may advocate discrimination in any form or violence. Approval will not be granted for an event that duplicates, substantially interferes with, or competes with College offerings, whether current, planned, or anticipated. The College resident reserves the right to make the final determination in the event of conflict or anticipated conflict. Any event or activity that disrupts, by preventing the effective carrying-out of the operation or activities of the College, is prohibited. Sound amplification that significantly disrupts the operation or activities of the College is prohibited.

4. College Services and/or use of Equipment

The use of a College facility may require services or equipment provided by the College that are identified and agreed to in the application process. Charges for the services and equipment are made in accordance with the rates established in the Schedule of Charges. There is no staffing for snow removal on weekends or evenings. It is the responsibility of the user to contact the college about how weather closures may affect their use of a facility. When the college is closed due to weather, there will be no charge to the user for cancellations.

A number of rooms are equipped with pianos. Pianos may not be moved from one room to another without prior written approval from the COCC Music Department. Pianos may only be moved by a professional piano mover and may require tuning by a professional piano tuner after being returned to the appropriate room. If a piano is moved, it must be returned to the room where it was originally housed. All costs for moving and tuning the piano will be the responsibility of the party renting the facility.

5. Events requiring food services and food handling

All events on the Bend Campus that have food catered must use the College's current contracted food service provider. this restriction may be waived f the person/organization using the COCC facility obtains prior approval from the food service provider. All workers involved in food preparation or serving must possess a valid Food Handlers' Permit and the individual overseeing the event must be present during the entire event to supervise food safety and ensure all county food safety regulations are followed. All foods must be prepared on-site or purchased from an approved source. Home-prepared foods may not be served to the public.

    1. College Employees and Facilities Use

      The services of College employees may include, but are not limited to:

5. Custodian(s)

6. Club and Intramural Sports/Mazama Gym Staff

7. Maintenance Services

8. Campus Safety Personnel

9. Information Technology Services (ITS) staff

The directors (or designee) for COCC offices of Campus Services, Information Technology Services and Public Safety  will identify personnel requested for the proposed use of a College facility. The event requestor will clearly state the need for College personnel services at the application stage and these will be reviewed individually for each request. Any additional costs incurred for College personnel services, even if not identified during the application and approval process, may be charged to the user, and not all requests for personnel will be granted.

3. Audiovisual equipment

The majority of class and meeting rooms in the College facilities are equipped with computers, lecterns, projectors, screens, and whiteboards. Other audiovisual equipment may be reserved on an "as available" basis and for an additional charge by contacting the Information Technology Services department. The College reserves the right to limit the use and operation of College-owned AV equipment to College personnel.

4. User-owned equipment and supplies

User-owned equipment and/or supplies, including but not limited to, scenery, decorations, hazardous materials, or materials of an unusual nature, are not allowed on the College premises without prior written approval by the Office of Advancement. All electrical items must be U.L. (Underwriters Laboratory) approved. The College will not furnish equipment to the user such as: tools, ladders, easels, pens, extension cords, etc. Any user-owned laptops may not directly connect to the COCC network and the application should indicate if a guest user account will be needed. The COCC scheduler can then put in a request to ITS for the event account. Additionally, any type of connectors or "dongles" to connect a laptop to a room lectern system are to be provided and brought by the user.