G-34-3.1.3 Definition of Criteria

Definition of Primary Assignment: A faculty member's primary assignment is defined by his/her current job description. Typically, this includes teaching requirements, advising, and curriculum development. It may also include administrative duties such as program director and may change over time with other administrative duties as assigned, such as becoming a department chair.

Definition of Professional Improvement: The main purpose of this program is to improve faculty members' effectiveness in their College assignments and in their professions.

Definition of Service to the College: The College believes it must constantly improve in its efforts to meet the needs of its constituents in an efficient and effective manner. It therefore needs and values collaborative efforts by faculty to take part in College governance, such as standing committees, hiring committees and task force groups. However, College service is not exclusive to committee work. Of equal importance are individual efforts to improve the operation, systems, faculty/staff and student performance on an innovative, regular and continual basis. Some examples would include peer teams, assessment projects, significant accreditation efforts, new program development, or special projects/task forces as assigned.

Definition of Service to the Community: In an effort to better understand the needs and strengthen the community it serves, the College values regular efforts by faculty to reach out to its community. "Community" can be broadly defined. It includes service both inside our district and beyond (including state and national service). The evaluation of one's service is based on the level of meaningful and significant contribution as appropriate by rank.

While initially those interactions and service opportunities cover a wide range of areas of assistance and expertise, it is expected as faculty move up in rank that their service efforts will be more focused on their expertise in their academic field of study. This will strengthen the community in those areas as well as strengthen the competencies of the individual faculty member.