G-31-9.3 Motor Vehicle Registration and Operation

All employees and students who intend to park motor vehicles regularly or occasionally on the campus are required to register them and permanently display a registration decal on the vehicle.

For the purpose of these regulations, the term "motor vehicle" includes automobiles, trucks, motorcycles, motor scooters, motor bikes, and any other motor powered vehicle operating on land.

Central Oregon Community College assumes no responsibility for the care and/or protection of any vehicle or its contents at any time during which it is operated or parked on the campus or other College property.

The individual to whom the parking permit is issued shall be responsible for all parking/traffic violations of the vehicle so registered regardless of who is operating the vehicle. The permit holder shall advise all drivers of his/her vehicle of the policies of the College regarding campus traffic and parking, particularly where the vehicle is authorized to be parked.

A bonafide visitor is any person other than staff or student who parks a non-registered vehicle on campus.