G-31-10.2 Printing

Duplication: Duplication services on camera-ready copy are available to all campus departments and organizations. Charges are made for printing and bindery services, based on the current rate. Department budgets are directly charged for all services. Various types and colors of paper are available. Please check with the Copy Center staff.

Printing Exams: Work-study students perform the work in this department. Please send all exams in a sealed envelope as a security measure.

Equipment: Duplication and bindery equipment may only be operated by the staff of the Copy Center. Photocopiers: Photocopiers are located in each building. Each Department may request

Personalized copier account numbers or as many as they require for their billing process. Copies made are charged back to the Department. Paper must be ordered through Printing and Mail Services. White, 20-lb. bond paper is provided. Other stock may be purchased by the Department.