G-34-1.4 Part-Time Faculty Employment at COCC

(Formerly HR-5-3.4)

Part-time faculty are employed by the College on a term-to-term basis and at less than .5 FTE appointments.

The College can offer part-time faculty in its employment pool no guarantee of future employment beyond conditions given in individual's Faculty Load and Compensation. The renewal of a part-time member's employment is entirely at the discretion of the College and notice is not required to terminate employment. Despite advance course scheduling, department chairs and program directors cannot always anticipate budgetary restrictions and enrollment fluctuations that affect employment needs. Nevertheless, department chairpersons are encouraged to give their part-time faculty as much advance notice as possible of plans for renewal or termination of employment for the coming term.

Part-time instructors should also be aware that in the event of a reduction in force, part-time faculty in an academic discipline will be laid-off before any full-time faculty or adjunct in the same academic discipline are laid-off.