G-34-1.4 Adjunct and Part-Time Faculty Compensation at COCC

Compensation: Part-time faculty are compensated at the rate assigned to adjunct faculty based on the current Collective Bargaining Agreement between the Central Oregon Community College Board of Directors and the Central Oregon Community College Faculty Forum. Part-time faculty are not eligible for benefits.

Process: All salaries are determined in the Fall quarter contract or, in the case of someone who does not teach Fall quarter, the first contract in the academic year. No adjustments are made at any other time than the preparation of the first teaching contract of the academic year-counting Fall as the first quarter of the academic year.

Department chairs recommend advancement on the salary schedule based on the number of quarters with successful evaluations taught in the preceding academic year. For purposes of counting quarters, a contract of three load units or more counts as a quarter. Contracts of less than three load units over several quarters may be aggregated to count as a quarter. In practice, all part-time faculty, are paid at this rate, although the President may approve placing a part-time faculty member at a different pay level. Under exceptional circumstances, a department chair may recommend to the Vice President for Instruction to place a part-time faculty member at a different pay level. (Load units are defined in the Faculty Collective Bargaining Agreement.)

Information regarding pay periods and options for receiving pay for part-time faculty may be obtained by contacting the Office of Fiscal Services.