G-30-7 Degrees/ Certificates (Requirements)

A certificate or degree is awarded when it meets the appropriate course requirements listed in the catalog and the student has met the following:

  1. Complete the minimum number of credits required for the degree
  1. Earn a minimum 2.0 cumulative grade-point average at COCC

  1. Complete at least 24 degree-applicable residency credits for an associate's degree; 18 certificate- applicable residency credits for a certificate

  1. One of the following criteria:

  1. Students have three years to complete their program under the catalog in which they began or any subsequent catalog. The student's choice of catalog years is based upon the student's attendance and the most recent year that the student applied to COCC:
    1. The student's default catalog year is the year the student is admitted to COCC and the student may graduate under that default catalog year or either of the next two catalog years.
    2. If the student has a break in enrollment of more than four consecutive terms, the student must reapply to COCC and the default catalog year will now be the year the student is re-admitted.
    3. The student's choice of catalog years is limited to two catalog years prior to the student's year of graduation. If the student does not graduate within three catalog years of student's admittance, the default catalog year will be updated yearly to the subsequent catalog year.
  2. The student transfers back to COCC, other college credits within the term immediately following the last term attended at COCC, excluding summer, and meets degree requirements listed in the current college catalog or the previous two catalogs.
  3. The student left COCC prior to completing degree requirements but through subsequent transfer credit meets degree requirements currently in effect at the time of final degree evaluation and award.

When a student's completion of degree requirements coincides with the last term attended, the degree will be posted in that term. When the student uses transfer credits after an absence from the College, the degree will be posted in the term in which the degree evaluation is successfully completed, and when it has been determined that all degree requirements have been met.

MULTIPLE OR CONCURRENT DEGREES: Revised: 10/30/12 Students applying for multiple or concurrent degrees must meet the degree requirements outlined above and as listed for each degree in the catalog. For each additional degree, students must complete at least 15 COCC credits that are different than those used for the other degree(s) and are applicable to the additional degree requested.