G-30-3 Attendance Policy


In order to assure that all available class seats are filled with students-both registered students and students from the waiting lists-COCC enforces an attendance policy during the first week of the term.

To maintain enrollment in each class, the student must attend the first class meeting and 100 percent of the first week's class and lab meetings. Students in online classes must complete the attendance requirement outlined in the syllabus. (For classes that do not span the entire term the student must attend the first class session.) Students who do not do so, will be administratively withdrawn from that class by the instructor at the time class roll is taken. If this results in a tuition refund, the refund will be processed within three weeks.

If students are unable to attend a session within the first week due to extenuating circumstances, they must contact the instructor by phone or email prior to the first class meeting if they wish to avoid administrative withdrawal. Allowing students to remain in the course is solely at the discretion of the instructor.

The College is not responsible for liabilities associated with the administrative withdrawal of students.

The administrative withdrawal policy does not relieve students from full responsibility for officially dropping a course within the given deadline to not incur tuition charges and to not receive a grade for the course.