G-30-9 FERPA, Confidentiality, Privacy, Non-Disclosure

COCC follows the guidelines of the Family Rights and Privacy Act of 1974, and OAR 589-004-0100. Students will be notified of their FERPA rights annually by publication in the College Catalog. A full description of the policy is available through Admissions and Records, but the salient points for staff and faculty are these:

  1. If requested on an individual basis, staff may release the following information on a student: student's full name, dates of attendance (term only; does not include attendance on specific days), major field of study, class standing, degrees and awards received, mailing address, email address, telephone number, participation in officially recognized activities and sports, and most recent previous school attended.
  2. Staff CANNOT release the following information ("release" includes posting this information in a public site - albeit in print or electronically, leave homework outside of office doors for pick up, in class or other contexts): Social Security Number, date of birth, gender, GPA, grades, cumulative credit hours, current term credits, current or previous term class schedule, copies of transcripts from other institutions, academic standing or eligibility to return to COCC, whether or not student has applied for graduation, accounts receivable balance, financial records of students or parents, student employment records, medical or mental health records, or campus network, email, Student Online Services or other campus issued ID's or passwords.
  3. Keep lists of students and sensitive information such as grades and Social Security Numbers in a private location.
  4. Do not discuss student situations outside of the classroom unless it is with a colleague of the College who has an educational need to know.
  5. Personal notes regarding student progress and achievement are considered personal property, and not part of the College records, as long as they are treated as personal memory aids and not used in a public way or shared with another person.

All requests for student information should be referred to the Admissions and Records Office