G-31-9.2 Facilities Use by Community Groups

It is the policy of Central Oregon Community College to permit the use of its facilities when such use is judged to be a service to Central Oregon or to the citizens of Central Oregon. It is further the policy of the College to make its facilities available on a charge-for-services basis to groups and organizations when such use is consistent with the goals and objectives of the institution.

The proposed use of the College facilities should not conflict or detract from the College's discharge of its educational responsibilities. Two additional concerns must be carefully weighed. First, the College must assess its ability to provide the necessary services to the organizations, i.e., security, custodial assistance, food service, etc. Second, the College retains the right to require personnel employed by the College, or approved by the College, to serve in a supervisory capacity when deemed necessary to meet College instructional, safety and maintenance standards. This cost of this service may be charged to the group or organization using the College facilities.