G-30-11 Final Exam

A final examination schedule is prepared by the Office of Instructional Deans, approved by the Vice President for Instruction, and published online.

All classes at Central Oregon Community College include some kind of graded or evaluated activity during the period set aside and scheduled for final examinations. If the activity is a final examination, it should usually be comprehensive -- i.e., it should cover the work of the whole quarter. Final examinations should not exceed the allotted time and the total time expected to be spent on take-home finals should not exceed the time taken on in-class finals including preparation and examination. Take home finals should be due at the end of the scheduled final examination hour.

On an individual basis, for emergencies and other special circumstances, a student may take a final examination at a time other than that scheduled, providing the student has received prior approval by petition signed by the instructor and the department chair. Approved petitions are returned to instructors, with copies sent to the Vice President for Instruction.

Classes without final examinations must be approved by the Academic Affairs Curriculum Subcommittee. This is a one-time approval for an alternative evaluated activity and does not need to be reviewed each time the activity changes.

An instructor who seeks to reschedule an examination must have prior written approval from the Vice- President for Instruction.

Final grade rosters are due in the Admissions and Records Office by 5:00 p.m. on the Tuesday following the end of the term unless otherwise stated.