G-34-2 Faculty Personnel Files

(Formerly HR-8-0)

In order to maintain the integrity of personnel files, only official evaluations and other authorized documents relative to an employee's service are kept in the faculty member's personnel file, unless otherwise authorized by the Vice President for Instruction. Personnel files should contain, but are not limited to:

  1. Complete transcripts of all College undergraduate and graduate work,
  2. Annual evaluations, special evaluations, and rehire recommendations including peer team reports and student evaluation printouts,
  3. Complete records of Professional Improvement Plans, including final reports.
  4. Complete records of Annual Reports of Activity with attachments,
  5. Records of tenure activities, which include:
    • Tenure recommendations from the Vice President for instruction and the Tenure Committee, (including the letter sent by the Tenure Committee when it does not recommend tenure)
    • Actions taken by the President and the COCC Board of Directors
  6. Records of promotion activities, which include:
    • Promotion recommendations from the Designated Evaluator and the Promotions Committee, (including the letter sent by the Promotions Committee when it does not recommend promotion)
    • Actions taken by the President and the COCC Board of Directors.
  7. Information that is employment-related, relates to compensation, and other general personnel data.

Information regarding an employee’s health, medical, or protected leaves in maintained in a separate and secured file cabinet within Human Resources that is accessible only to those with a legitimate need to review the information. Federal and state laws requires the collection and retention of such personnel information.

Faculty have the right to review the contents of their own personnel file at any time. Access to this file by other individuals is restricted. For more details regarding faculty personnel files, please refer to the Collective Bargaining Agreement (CBA) between the Central Oregon Community College Board of Directors and the Central Oregon Community College Faculty Forum, Article 12.2.