The Associated Students of Central Oregon Community College is recognized as the governing body of all enrolled students, by the College and the Board of Directors. ASCOCC operates under the parameters of The ASCOCC Constitution and By-Laws. ASCOCC is responsible for providing support to officially recognized student clubs and associations; opportunity for student expression via student publications; and social and cultural programs that will enhance a student's college experience.

ASCOCC is funded by a student fee that is currently set at $1.50 per credit hour up to 12 credit hours per term. The Student Fee committee reviews budget proposals and makes recommendations to ASCOCC on budget allocations.

Student Council
Student Council serves as the liaison between the college and the student body. Elected officers as well as students at large serve on the college standing committees as well as various advisory committees as needed.

The Broadside
Funded by ASCOCC and advertising revenue, The Broadside serves as the campus newspaper and a vehicle for student expression. The Broadside works under the guidance of the Broadside Policy and Procedures Manual and a College staff advisor, to insure that the publication meets established journalistic standards. The Publication Board serves as the publisher of the Broadside and hires the editor and business manager for the publication.