G-34-4.2 Full time tenure track faculty responsibilities

Full time tenure track faculty responsibilities include all of the above general and full time temporary responsibilities as well as

  1. Participate in the affairs of the College either on campus or in the district as the position demands
  2. Meet as a condition of employment the minimum requirements for the position and such other appropriate College requirements that become necessary throughout the teaching career.
  3. Articulate with members of the community regarding educational interests and needs and the College's ability to provide educational services.
  4. Participate on College committees, in the faculty organization, on Peer Teams or in peer review of part time instructors, professional committee meetings, etc.
  5. Cooperate with the department chairperson in program planning and course development and revision.
  6. Perform non-teaching professional responsibilities as assigned.
  7. Develop and maintain a rigorous professional improvement program
  8. Serve as Department Chair if requested to do so.
  9. Submit required reports (Annual Report of Activities, Professional Improvement Plans, etc.).

[Refer to Collective Bargaining Agreement Between the Central Oregon Community College Board of Directors and the Central Oregon Community College Faculty Forum]