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G-31-7 Acceptance of Gifts

The following policy will be used in connection with acceptance of gifts other than cash:

  1. If an individual within the institution is approached and offered a gift, he/she should, in a tactful and appropriate way, indicate to the potential donor the College's interest and appreciation and advise them that the College will determine if a use can be found for the gift.

  2. The individual who has been contacted should then furnish the information about the gift to the appropriate Vice President/Dean, along with a recommendation for the acceptance or refusal of the gift.

  3. If the gift can be used by the College, the appropriate Vice President/Dean will write a letter to the donor acknowledging the gift. If the gift cannot be used by the College, the appropriate Vice President/Dean will so notify the donor.

  4. Copies of the acknowledgment will be sent to the Foundation office.

  5. The College does not establish the value of a gift. That shall be the responsibility of the donor.

  6. Gifts of real property can only be accepted by the Board of Directors.

    This policy apply to gifts to the College and do not affect the current procedures used for handling donations to the College Foundation.
  7. Employee Gifts and Events:

    The College provides awards and gifts to employees in the following forms;
    1. employee achievement awards (qualifying recipients determined through HR Dept.)
    2. length of service awards (qualifying recipients determined through HR Dept.)
    3. full-time employee retirement gifts (qualifying recipients determined through employee's Department).

These awards/gifts cannot exceed $100 and must be in the form of tangible property (e.g., plaques, pen-sets, coffee mugs, clothing, etc.) and not cash, cash equivalents (e.g., gift cards) or other non-excludable awards (all considered taxable income by the IRS). Staff or departments may want to recognize employees for outstanding achievement, or length of service with a reception, party or lunch. It is inappropriate to expend college funds for these purposes. The Department may, however, seek approval to use some or all of the $100 on a combination of food for an on-campus event and gift (on campus only). Funds will come out of department's budget and may not be used for the purchase of alcohol. This applies only to retirement - no other event.