g-30-20 Policy Statement on General Student Fees

Approved: 2017-09-13

The intent of COCC general student fees is to partially cover the cost of providing specific materials, activities, and services. General student fees are any fees other than course or program fees and fall into two categories:

  • Direct Service Fees: The fee is directed to a specific service or tangible good and fee revenues are returned directly to the department coordinating the service.
  • Indirect Service Fees: The fee is dedicated to a specific service, but is applied to the College's general fund as a means of covering a portion of the cost.
  • Course and program fees: The fee is assessed to offset the high costs related to providing required materials, supplies, equipment maintenance and support, equipment/room rental, travel, and licenses/certificate costs for a course(s) in a program and/or department. Course and program fees also may be assessed for courses or programs that carry extraordinary administrative requirements that result in higher-than-normal expenses.
    Course and program fees assessed to cover high costs related to annual operations should be placed in the General Fund where the expenditures are recorded. Fees to cover special one-time purchases and/or expenditures for items that are expected to last more than one year, should be placed in an Auxiliary account.

As of 2013-14, direct service fees include: student activity fee, green energy fee, and Mazama Gym fee. Indirect service fees include: - technology fee, application fee, transcript fee, late registration fee, late payment fee, and online course fee.