G-30-12 Grades

Only the grades in the following table may be assigned. All courses graded with an A-F, P, NP, W, or I will apply to percentage of completion. P, NP, W, X, I, and IP do not apply to GPA.

A outstanding performance

A- superior B+ excellent B very good B- good

C+ better than satisfactory

C satisfactory

D passing (Note: Courses in which "D" grades are earned may not be used in the AAOT or to fulfill foundational requirements in other certificate or degree programs and may have limitations in specific certificate or degree programs. "D" grades are not considered passing for pre-requisite courses.

F not passing, counts as a non-completed course

X Audit

P Pass; may be awarded only in authorized classes

NP No Pass; may be awarded only in authorized classes

W Withdrawn; must be assigned by Records Office

I Incomplete; not computed in GPA, will convert to F if requirements of the Incomplete Grade Contract are not met by the end of the following term.

IP Course in Progress


Students who want the experience of taking a particular class but do not want to receive college credit may register as an audit student in any of the College's courses. Audit students are not required to meet specific course requirements but should participate fully in class activities. If students wish to audit a class, they must indicate so at the time of registration and note the following:

  • X appears on the transcript

  • X is not figured into a student's GPA

  • Tuition is the same as classes taken for credit

  • Audited courses do not meet graduation or transfer requirements and are not eligible for financial aid

  • A student may convert audit status to regular status, and vice versa, before the end of the seventh week of the term for full-term classes.

Incomplete (I). An Incomplete/I grade is assigned when a student successfully completes approximately 75 percent of course requirements, but for reasons acceptable to the instructor, the student is not able to complete remaining requirements during the given term. An "I" grade is not a substitution for a failing

grade, but indicates that there is a reasonable expectation that the student will pass the course.

Students must complete the remaining requirements within one quarter after the end of the original course (summer term excluded) unless the instructor designates a later completion date.

if no grade is submitted, it is assumed the student did not complete the requirements and the "I" grade will convert to an "F".

An incomplete grade will not count towards academic warning, but it may affect Financial Aid and Satisfactory Academic Progress.

Pass (P)/No Pass (NP). Pass is interpreted as a C or better. The P/NP option is used for certain courses where it is deemed inappropriate to utilize the regular grading system. All such courses utilizing the P/NP format must first be approved through the normal committee structure of the College. Such courses set P/NP standards in their original submission for course approval. Every course completed with a P/NP option will be entered into the student's transcript.

Withdrawal (W). A "W" will be assigned by the Admissions and Records Office if a student drops a full term class between the eighth week of the term and the Wednesday before finals week. Permission of the instructor is required to withdraw from the course. For classes shorter than one quarter, proportional times will be used; contact the Admissions & Records Office for specific details.

Course in Progress (IP). When a course has an ending date past the regular term's grading period, the Records Office will assign an IP grade. IP will stand until the instructor submits a regular grade at the end of a course.

Grade Changes:

The responsibility to award grades at COCC is entirely the instructor's. A student who disputes the final grade (A-F, P, NP) in a course must follow the Grade Appeal Procedure.

  1. Meet with the instructor to review the grade.
  2. If not satisfied, meet with the department chair, who can further review the grade with the instructor.
  3. Issues concerning the change of grade to or from I-W-X should go through the petition process that starts in the Admissions and Records office.

Instructors may submit grade changes based on a calculation error, or to change an Incomplete to a grade. This may only be done within one year of the original grade being awarded.

Exceptions to the grading policy should be requested by a student petition submitted to the Registrar. Requests for grade changes are considered only within one year of the grade being awarded.

Mid-term Grades:

Midway through each term, instructors have the option to file grades of "D" and "F" or "NP" for those students whose performance indicates it, including those who are not regularly attending class. It is entirely the instructor's discretion to submit or not submit a midterm grade report. If an instructor submits a midterm grade, the student will be sent an email at his/her college email address. Students must take responsibility for withdrawing if they do not wish to continue in a class.

Final Exams/Grades:

End-of-term grades are available via the student's Bobcat Web Account by the Thursday following the term only and will not be mailed or given out over the phone.