G-31- Coats Campus Center Building Use

Operating Dates -

Fall, Winter and Spring quarter hours are: Monday - Friday: 7 am- 8pm Saturday/Sunday 10 am-1pm; 4 pm-8pm Summer quarter hours are:

Monday - Thursday: 7 am - 5 pm

Friday: 8am-1pm

Saturday, Sunday: Closed, unless summer conferences are in session

Mid-term holiday hours (Veterans' Day, Martin Luther King Day, Memorial Day)

Part-time employees and/or RA's to staff CCCB Reception; meal service available during specific times only. Hours: 10am-1pm; 4pm-6:30pm

Winter and spring break hours:

7:30 am - 5:00 pm

The building will be closed on the following dates: Thanksgiving Holiday

Winter/Christmas Week Campus Closure

Labor Day Weekend (Friday before and Monday after) Snow Days

Building will be open to residence hall students only; CCCB Reception to be staffed by RA's and food service provided only for specific times.

If building is reserved for use beyond these days or hours, a service charge will be assessed to assist with building staffing needs.

Room Reservation Calendar & Scheduling Priorities

Spaces available for reservations include:

  • Wille Hall (seating capacity varies depending on room configuration, equipped with full multi-media set up)
  • CCB 116 (equipped with full multimedia set up)
  • TV Lounge (open area next to cafeteria)
  • West Patio
  • East Patio/Entry
  • Multicultural Center (with approval by Director of Diversity and Inclusion)

Reservations for Coats Campus Center space will parallel the credit classroom scheduling process in that WebViewer will be available for specific groups for specific periods of time. Once each group has had access to scheduling, the system will be open to all interested parties, regardless of affiliation. Except for the symphony and concert band, recurring events or classes will not be scheduled for any Coats Campus Center space without approval from the Director of Student Life.

The calendar below will be used for scheduling in the Coats Campus Center:

  • First week of January each year: The following academic year's symphony and concert band rehearsal times will be scheduled for Wille Hall in Webviewer (Mondays, 6 - 10 pm, Thursdays, 7-9:30 and occasional Sundays).
  • First week of January: Scheduling for the following academic year will be opened to COCC student government and student-related activities for a two-week period.
  • Third week in January: Scheduling for the following academic year will be opened to other COCC departments, including the COCC Foundation and hosting of events for institution-affiliated activities (e.g., statewide peer meetings) for a two-week period.

Note that the Coats Campus Center space is not primarily intended for credit class instruction. However, in times where other options are unavailable, credit classes may be scheduled with the intent of those classes being moved elsewhere as quickly as feasible. Continuing Education may schedule up to 80 hours per quarter. Regardless of the type of course, instructors should be aware that this building might have a high degree of general traffic and other activities, which may take place during class times and may cause some background disruption to classroom activities.

  • Second week of February: Scheduling for the following academic year will be opened to all OSU- Cascades departments, including student government and institution-affiliated activities; scheduling will be limited to number of hours/events agreed upon via the MOU.
  • First week of March: Scheduling for the following academic year will be open to all interested parties, including those listed above, the general public and those groups with whom we have a working relationship (e.g., Rotary) in accordance with current policy. Events not affiliated with the College or who do not have College sponsorship will pay room rental fees (room rental rates TBD by Campus Services and the Institutional Support Committee). All spaces become available for reservations to any group (as defined by current policy), upon request, four weeks prior to any given date.

Residence Hall Meals

The Director of Student Life must approve all events which may require closure of the dining hall or that occur during regularly scheduled dining times. To avoid displacing residence hall students, availability for reserving the dining hall will be limited and approval given on a case-by-case basis.