G-31-9.5.1 Key and FOB Control

On the Awbrey Butte campus, the Director of Campus Services, or their designee, has the responsibility for issuing keys and FOBS to authorized individuals. Keys and FOBs will be issued according to the following guidelines:

  1. Each full-time employee or other authorized individual will be issued keys and FOBs if required, giving them access to their building and office. Requests for keys/FOBs must come to the office of Campus Services via the Helpdesk system. This process does not apply to term keys necessary for instruction. The list of required term keys for instructors will be obtained via a Banner report. Requests for keys or FOB access upgrades to buildings/room where the employee does not traditionally work must be approved by the appropriate supervisor or head of the department. The building manager where additional access is being requested must also provide approval.
  2. Department Heads, or individuals whose responsibilities encompass the use of an entire building, will be issued a master key/FOB for the building. Such master keys/FOBx will be issued on the written approval of the responsible Vice President/Dean.
  3. Grand Master keys will be issued only with the approval of the President. Campus Grandmaster Keys, both interior and exterior, will be maintained on campus, in a secure and lockable container, when not being used by an employee in the performance of their duties.

Employees are prohibited from removing Grandmasters from the campus when the employee is not performing their duties. Department Heads are responsible for the security of Grandmasters issued to employees under their supervision. The Director of Campus Safety will routinely monitor for compliance of this policy.

The President may grant, in writing, the approval for certain employees to remove Grandmaster keys from campus. Approval will normally be limited to those employees whose job responsibilities require them to come to campus for emergencies, or for inter-campus maintenance and security.

All for the branch campuses, keys and fobs are issued to staff and faculty via the campus administrator. At the end of their assignments, all keys and fobs must be returned to the campus administrator.