G-33-8 Student Communications

Mass student communications are distributed to credit and/or noncredit students within the COCC community through several channels, including email, website, social media, texts, learning management system, and the emergency notification system; mass communications could be sent to smaller subsets of students depending on the circumstances. This policy defines “urgent” and “regular” communications and outlines related guidelines and procedures for these types of mass communications.


Urgent Communications

Urgent mass communications are messages that the College has determined as critical and time-sensitive (immediate/same day). All urgent communications should be approved by a member of the Senior Leadership Team and/or Marketing and Public Relations prior to distribution.

Examples include messages related to:

  • On-campus emergencies
  • Critical operational disruptions
  • College closings or delayed openings


Regular Communications

 Regular communications sent to all credit or non-credit students — or large subsets of either — are messages the College has strategically planned and scheduled in advance. All regular communications should be approved by a member of the Senior Leadership Team, Marketing and Public Relations,  Director of Admissions/Registrar, or the Director of Student Life.

Examples include messages related to:

  • Academic and institutional policies
  • Enrollment dates and deadlines (add/drop, payment, registration, advising, financial aid information, etc.)
  • Messages from the President or other member of the Senior Leadership Team
  • Major College-wide events (e.g., Commencement)
  • Mandatory notifications
  • Student Government communications


Departmental Communications

Academic departments or other college entities may send unsolicited emails and text messages without prior approval to targeted sub-groups of students (all students within a particular major—e.g. nursing) with whom they have an official relationship.

Examples include messages related to:

  • Student club information and events
  • Financial Aid
  • Office of Diversity and Inclusion program information (Afrocentric, Latinx, etc.)
  • Instructional Programs (e.g. Nursing)

Effective date 2/3/2023