G-31-9.2.4 Special Requirements

Certain facilities on the campus, because of their uniqueness, must be scheduled and utilized differently than other facilities. Additional approval by the appropriate Dean, Chair, VP or Library Director will be

required for requests for the use or rental of facilities or equipment that is unique to a department or program. This includes but is not limited to Art; Automotive; Forestry; Wildland or Structural Fire; Manufacturing Technology; Aviation; Vet Tech; GIS and EMT. These facilities are discussed individually as follows -

  • Computer Labs
  • Campus Center Building
  • Grandview Student Center-Cafeteria
  • Juniper Hall
  • Mazama Physical Education and Recreation Center
  • Pinckney Center for the Performing Arts
  • Wille Hall
  • Jungers Culinary Center
  • Health Careers Center (specifically lab rooms)
  • Science Center (specifically lab rooms)
  • The Barber Library
  • Facilities off the main Bend Campus including but not limited to Redmond Campus, Madras Campus, Prineville Campus and the Chandler Building
  • "General Campus Use" such as parking lots, trails, stairs, roadways, etc.