G-34-3.2.2 Procedure for Tenure Consideration

Prior to October 15 of each year, the Vice President for Instruction will advise the immediate supervisors with personnel responsibilities, in writing, of individuals in the department who will have met the length of service criteria at the end of the academic year.

Prior to January 15 of each year, all evaluation instruments and proposed actions in relation to faculty members' eligibility for consideration of tenure shall be forwarded to the appropriate Instructional Dean, who will then forward it to the Vice President for Instruction. Candidates should then review their files before January 15th to determine if all forwarded materials have been received.

Prior to February 1 of each year, the Vice President for Instruction will provide a written evaluation with recommended action. This document will be sent to the College President, copied to the candidate, and placed in the file. The candidate will then have five working days to respond to the letter (if they choose) by sending a response to the Vice President for Instruction for inclusion in the file. The candidate must also sign off on their file within those five days. This process must be completed prior to Tenure Committee review of the file.

Prior to March 1, the Committee shall submit to the Vice President for Instruction a list of all faculty members considered by the Committee. The Committee shall outline its recommendations for each individual considered and shall state the basis for such recommendations.

Any member of the Committee may submit an individual report on any matter voted by the Committee. The individual report may support the majority or may present a minority view. Copies of the individual report shall only go to the Chair of the Tenure Committee, to the appropriate Vice President/Dean, and to the President.

The Tenure Committee may take the following actions:

  1. Recommend granting of tenure,
  2. Recommend not granting tenure,
  3. Recommend an additional year as a probationary period.(This option may include recommendations for specific conditions to be met or actions to be taken, as determined by the committee.)

The Tenure Committee should be prepared to provide the reasons for their recommendation in all of the above cases.

The Vice President for Instruction shall study the recommendations of the Tenure Committee and shall notify candidates of their recommendations and submit the recommendation to the President.

Appeals of the College President's recommendation(s) and/or any aspects of the tenure procedure are to the Board of Directors, and the grounds for such appeal should be procedural (due process). The President will forward their recommendation for granting tenure to the Board of Directors for action as soon as possible after the completion of the Tenure Committee's work.