G-30-16 Registration

After submitting an application for admission, providing placement information, and meeting with an advisor (if applicable), students may register for courses based on the dates and times listed on the COCC website. The registration schedule for credit students is based on enrollment status and number of credits earned at COCC. Degree-seeking students who have attended credit classes at COCC in any of the past four terms are eligible for priority registration. Transfer credits may meet some program requirements but are not counted toward "earned credits" for registration purposes. Students may view the priority registration schedule on the COCC registration web page. Students wishing to pursue a cohort program without a selection process must meet the basic pre-requisite competencies and will be placed in the program according to seat availability on a first-come, first-served basis according to the priority registration schedule.

Student registrations are complete only when courses are web or data-entered into COCC's computer system. A student may not register if a debt is owed to the College. Students must be registered in order to attend class. Students may not take more than 19 credit hours per term without permission from Admissions and Records.