G-31- Designated Public Forum

Central Oregon Community College acknowledges students, faculty, employees and the general community their first amendment right to engage in public free speech and expression on campus. However, this right is secondary to maintaining an environment that is not disruptive to the educational purpose of the institution.

Additionally, the College has the discretion of establishing a Designated Public Forum space for free speech expression. The College may enforce content-neutral time, manner and place regulations on public expression in the Designated Public Forum.

The Designated Public Forum areas on the Bend campus are located at the convergence of the paved walkways from Ochoco and Grandview to the Modoc Plaza area, the plaza in front of the Barber Library and outside the entrance to the Campus Center. For some activities, inside the Library or Campus Center may be allowed. At the Redmond Campus the designated area is the East entrance to Building 3.

All organizers of free speech expression must reserve use of the Designated Public Forum through the

Campus Services Office.

All materials must be approved by the Director of Marketing and Public Relations prior to use at the Designated Public Forum.

Organizers are responsible to ensure that all printed and other materials brought into the Designated

Public Forum are removed at the conclusion of the activity, and that college funds are not needed to return the Designated Public Forum to its original condition as the result of any individual or group exercising their rights of Free Speech in this area.

Expression in the Designated Public Forum shall not be limited except that:

  1. There shall be no use of electronic or other sound amplification that interferes with the conduct of classroom, laboratory, library, office or activities on campus.
  2. Organizers will not attempt by repeated demands, threats, or otherwise coerce passersby into stopping and participating in debate or discussion, nor interfere with, impede or cause blockage of the flow of vehicle or pedestrian traffic.
  3. There shall be no obscene or slanderous speech or distribution of obscene or libelous materials.
  4. No speech shall express or advocate racial, ethnic, religious, sex-based, other hate-based prejudice or other speech that incites students so as to create a clear and present danger of the imminent commission of unlawful acts or of the substantial disruption of the orderly operations of the college.
  5. The Designated Public Forum will not be used for any commercial activity, nor shall there be any solicitation of funds of any kind in the area, nor shall there be any implied solicitation of funds in the area, unless specified by B-1.6.1 Solicitation.