G-30-6 Course Challenge

Students that have knowledge and experience similar to a particular course may challenge a course and receive credit for that course. Challenged courses are charged the regular tuition rate payable at the time the completed petition is processed in Enrollment Services - Admissions and Records Office. Course challenges are subject to the following:

  • Students cannot challenge courses at a lower level than ones in which they have already demonstrated competency, nor at a lower level than ones in which the students have already registered.
  • Students may not challenge courses which they have already received credit.
  • Students may not challenge courses in which experiencing the course itself is essential.
  • Challenged courses do not apply toward meeting residency requirements for a degree.
  • Challenged courses do not count in determining financial aid eligibility.

A student must receive permission from a faculty member in the subject area and the department chair, prior to challenging a course.

A grade of Pass or No Pass is assigned, where a Pass is earned for performance equivalent to a grade of "B-" or better. Students may not re-challenge a course if they do not pass the first attempt.