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Multicultural Events

The Office of Diversity and Inclusion is proud to offer multicultural events throughout the academic year.

Contact: Christy Walker, Director of Diversity and Inclusion or 541-383-7412.

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Asian American and Pacific Islander Heritage Month

Asian American and Pacific Islander Heritage Month

Every May, Asian American and Pacific Islander Heritage Month celebrates contributions and challenges faced by Asian American and Pacific Islander friends, family, and community members. Join us is a series of virtual events that highlight their stories and voices. We will also share various resources to support our communities and continue with our education.

Asian American and Pacific Islander Heritage Event Schedule


How the Pandemic has Disproportionately Affected the BILAPOC Community

The COVID-19 pandemic has disproportionately impacted BILAPOC (Black, Indigenous, Latinx, Asian, and other People of Color) communities. Join panelists from COCC's Office of Diversity and Inclusion and Office of Student Life for this virtual forum on the pandemic and the systemic inequities it has laid bare. COCC president Dr. Laurie Chesley will provide opening remarks, followed by a panel discussion and audience q&a.

COCC is committed to continuing these important conversations and addressing systemic inequities. We invite you to share in this work and be a part of making changes in our communities so that we truly are a welcoming and inclusive place. Together we can make a difference!

This event took place on Apr 19, 2021. View the recorded video below:


Addressing Racial Inequalities and Responding to Hate Speech

This virtual event took place in November 2020. In this video panelists and a community forum discuss topics that include stereotypes, prejudice and privilege as well as how to respond to hate speech.

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Recommended Anti-Racist Reading List

Central Oregon Community College believes in the power of education. So we encourage you to seek out the books in the list and learn more about the history of racism, white supremacy and the systemic impact of slavery in the United States. This list is by no means exhaustive, and is instead intended to offer an accessible introduction to these important topics.

Most of the books we recommend are available to students, faculty and staff via COCC’s Barber Library. You can also find most of these books through Deschutes Public Library, purchase them from the COCC Bookstore, or buy them from a special online store created for the College by local BIPOC-owned Paulina Springs Books in Sisters. Additional links available in the reading list pdf.

Recommended Anti-Racist Reading List (pdf)

COCC Recommended Anti Racist Reading List



Racism, Criminal Justice, and Becoming an Ally

Online discussion of topics regarding the current national crisis and COCC's support of diversity, equity and inclusion. This event took place on Monday, June 8, 2020.

Christy Walker shared this educational reading list:
Anti-Racism Education List by Victoria Alexander (pdf)


Cultural Student Club Meetings

Afro-Centric Studies Club
Contact Christy Walker for more information:

Asian Cultures Club
Contact Lin Hong for more information:

First Nations Student Union
Contact Michelle Cary for more information:

Jewish Student Club
Contact Joshua Motenko for more information:

Latinx Club
Contact Evelia Sandoval for more information:

LGBTQ & Friends Club Bend Campus
Contact Cat Finney for more information:

German Club Bend Campus
Contact Janet Gesme for more information:

ASL Lunches Bend Campus
Contact Erin Trimble for more information: