Asian American and Pacific Islander Heritage Month


Panel Discussion

Tuesday, May 2

COCC Bend Campus
Coats Campus Center, Wille Hall
Hosted by the Asian and Pacific Islander Collective

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h mart

Virtual Book Discussion

Tuesdays- Starting on May 9
4-5 p.m.
Crying in H Mart by Michelle Zauner

Michelle Zauner tells of growing up one of the few Asian American kids at her school in Eugene, Oregon; of struggling with her mother's particular, high expectations of her; of a painful adolescence; of treasured months spent in her grandmother's tiny apartment in Seoul, where she and her mother would bond, late at night, over heaping plates of food.
Free copies of the book for students!

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Free and Open to the Public


Film Screening
Thursday, May 25
5:30 pm
COCC Bend Campus
Pioneer 201, Hitchcock Auditorium

South Korean drama written and directed by Japanese filmmaker Hirokazu Kore-eda. The film revolves around characters associated with baby boxes, which allow infants to be dropped off anonymously to be cared for by others. The emotional journey of the protagonists highlights the significance and value of chosen families.

Free and open to the public


Asian and Pacific Islander Atlas

Asian and Pacific Islander Atlas

Explore the many countries, territories, and islands that are the Asian and Pacific Islander community. Immerse yourself in this interactive atlas that highlights language, population, animals, and more.

Explore the Atlas

Information curated by: Samiakin Allen
Digital artwork created by: Keitlyn Nguyen
Supported by: Venus Nguyen, Assistant Professor, Program Director Art & Design

For an archive of past events see:

Asian American and Pacific Islander Event Archive

Educational Resources

The book, Unsung Heroes, published by Chinese Americans Citizen Alliance (C.A.C.A.) Boston, highlights deeds and accomplishments of Chinese American WWII Veterans. 

Many of the articles are written by sons, daughters, and grandchildren of veterans. It’s a remembrance book for our current and future generations. The first five chapters cover deeds and accomplishments of veterans across the country. The last two chapters are devoted to New England veterans.

The book was initially sponsored by a small group of volunteers to fund for 300 copies, where New England WWII veterans who contributed their bios for the book were given complimentary copies.  Proceeds of sales go to C.A.C.A. Boston support of Congressional Gold Medal activities; not for profit to any individuals. 

For more information and book orders visit: C.A.C.A. Boston

Unsung Heroes

"Unsung Heroes" book cover, courtesy of C.A.C.A. Boston.

Chinese American WWII Veterans Recognition Project
The Chinese American WWII Veterans Recognition Project is a program of the Chinese American Citizens Alliance (C.A.C.A.), a 501(c)8, and the National Chinese American Citizens Alliance Community Involvement Fund, a 501(c)3. Together we are spearheading a national campaign to identify, honor and recognize the efforts and accomplishments of all Chinese Americans who served in the United States Armed Services in World War II.

Duty to Country
Duty to Country which is the second phase (Education) of the Filipino Veterans Recognition and Education Project (Congressional Gold Medal awards being the first phase).

Chinese Historical Society
The Chinese Historical Society of America collects, preserves, and illuminates the history of Chinese in America by serving as a center for research, scholarship and learning to inspire a greater appreciation for, and knowledge of, their collective experience through exhibitions, public programs, and any other means for reaching the widest audience.

History of Chinese Americans in USA (1830s-2000)
This is a comprehensive video which describes the Chinese History from 1830-2000

Support Local Asian and Pacific Islander Businesses

Restaurants/Food Vendors

  • Hawaiian
    Big Island Kona Mix Plate
    E Komo Mai!
    First opening in Kona on the Big Island of Hawaii in the 1970’s, the Kim Family has brought Hawaii’s local style restaurant to Bend, serving traditional lunch and dinner plates, sandwiches, and soups.
    680 SW Powerhouse Dr #1004, Bend, OR
    Aloha Café
    547 NE Bellevue Dr, Bend, OR 97701


    Poke Row
    At Poke Row, our focus is on fresh and healthy food, in a cozy, casual environment. Whether you dine in or take away, you can expect the best. We prioritize local, natural and sustainable ingredients - all put together just the way you like!
    Fremont Building, 2735 NW Crossing Dr, Suite 105  Bend, OR 97703
  • Chinese
    Chan’s of Bend
    Chan's has been proudly serving Chinese food to the people of Bend for over 30 years. We take great pride in using only the freshest, quality ingredients to create flavorful dishes that reflect the varied cuisines of China.
    1005 SE 3rd St, Bend, OR 97702
    3118 N. Highway 97, Bend Oregon
    2000 NE 3rd St #104, Bend, OR 97701
  • Thai

    Nam Tok Kitchen
    745 Northwest Mount Washington Drive # 200, Bend, OR 97703

    Thai on the Fly-A Taste of Thailand
    Experience the wonderful flavors of our delicious Thai cuisine. All of our dishes are prepared fresh daily. Our menu changes on a daily basis so please take a look at our menu to find out what we're serving for you today!
    696 NE Greenwood, Bend




Oregon Tai Chi Wushu
Teaching Chinese Martial Arts - Tai Chi & Wushu
We also have a online training platform for Tai Chi 
Dao Universe Academy



Tinikling is the national dance of the Philippines and is the most popular  traditional Filipino dance. The dancers jump in and out of clapping bamboo sticks, emulating the tinikling bird weaving through tall grass and branches.

Dancers from the Filipino American Association of the High Desert have
performed this traditional dance at previous Asian Pacific Islander festivals at COCC.

Image Courtesy of  Filipino American Association of the High Desert

tinkling dance