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Hujambo, or Hello in English!

My name is Marcus LeGrand and I am the new Afrocentric Program Coordinator here at Central Oregon Community College. Originally from North Carolina, I started my professional career in the US Navy. After 8 years of service, I received my BA degree in Marketing in Seattle at the University of Washington. 

I worked as a Sales Associate at IBM developing technology solutions in Southern California for a few years before accepting a position as a Regional Manager in Business Development for American Honda Motors. While working in business, I volunteered in several educational-centric and challenging communities working to develop the social and emotional development of students.  Additionally, I was given the opportunity to mentor students at an architecture high school, coach middle and high school track, teach spoken word and acting workshops, and provide support for families. 

Shortly after my time in corporate America, I moved to Philadelphia and then Michigan working on my master's in counseling and developing Alternative Education programs to counsel students with behavioral and academic issues, career planning, and served as a liaison between students and families. Drawn to the natural beauty of the Pacific Northwest and the outdoors, I moved to Bend in 2015 with family, and since I have joined an academic community that is dedicated to equity in education. 

I’m truly looking forward to serving as an advocate of the African diaspora and its teachings, which allows for collective work by partnering with industry leaders, developing systemic improvements with educational allies, and creating a community committed to mutual respect and cultural humility. While at COCC, I hope to continue my role in the support and encouragement of students, continued growth of the Afrocentric Club building relationships in the community, and improve staff and faculty involvement in culturally inclusive activities environment. You've learned a bit about me, tell me about you! Reach out and let's start a conversation.

 Marcus LeGrand- Afro-Centric Student Program Coordinator

Marcus LeGrand

Afrocentric Program Coordinator
Central Oregon Community College

Meetings will be biweekly starting, Friday, Oct. 20th in the Multicultural Center

Office Hours: Tuesday 2-4 PM, Ochoco Hall RM 213 

Office Hours: Redmond Campus, Monday 9-3  PM, Multicultural Room