Afrocentric College Prep

The Afrocentric College Preparatory program(s) focuses on multiple aspects of education committed to evaluating voices to create a campus culture that is not only tolerant but creates an environment that is inviting and develops a system of belonging for our students interesting in learning about the African Diaspora. 

In order to achieve our goals, students begin their journey of having critical consciousness by providing them with skills to adopt an internal gaze to build self-awareness in navigating our greater community, use their creativity such as music and spoken word to enhance public sharing, develop educational and social justice projects that benefit the community, and gives them a platform to express their wisdom and insights in order to create agency. 


L.E.A.D: Legacy Education for Afrocentric Development  continues to enchance the needs of students in our community and the goals of L.E.A.D is to encourage Black and Afrocentric youth to graduate from high school pursue higher education, apprenticeships, which contributes to becoming well-rounded members in our community and aboard. The program will offer a diverse curriculum that integrates leadership and culturally relevant themes for the students from all ethnic and cultural backgrounds.

Ubuntu logoUBUNTU or "HUMANITY" is commonly translated as "I am because we are", is our education summer symposium program introduces Black and Afrocentric students to the college experience and to meet academic, industry, and community professionals. The goal of this symposium is to emphasize a focus on building community support, academic support, and cultural activities that prepare them for the transition from high school into college and/or life. 

Learning Outcomes include: 

  • College Preparation
  • Academic Skills Development
  • Cultural Enrichment
  • Critical Thinking
  • Community Engagement

The 2023 Summer Symposium will be held on June 26th - 29th and more information on how to register will be coming soon. 

Should students, faculty, or staff desire support, encouragement, or connection about our programs or have a general question, Please contact:

Marcus LeGrand
Afrocentric Student Program and College Prep Coordinator
Central Oregon Community College