Afrocentric Student Program

Middle School
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The Afrocentric Program focuses on the recruitment, retention, and holistic support of self-identifying Black and Afrocentric students and their allies. We are committed to elevating their voices, ensuring diverse representation, and are dedicated to equity work regardless of race, religion, political affiliation, sexual orientation/expression, etc. We celebrate diversity and culture and pursue the education of ourselves that benefits our community.

We seek to increase access to information while providing resources including:

  • Creating a campus culture that is not only tolerant of differences
  • Work with local educators, industry and community leaders to provide leadership opportunities for students
  • Create a civic engagement project that helps create transferrable skills for student success
  • Provide equitable access for all and incomparable opportunity for elevation in society and behind

Should students, faculty, or staff desire support, encouragement, or connection about our programs or have a general question, Please contact:

Marcus LeGrand
Afrocentric Student Program and College Prep Coordinator
Central Oregon Community College

Meetings will be biweekly starting, Friday, Oct. 20th in the Multicultural Center

Office Hours: Tuesday 2-4 PM, Ochoco Hall RM 213 

Office Hours: Redmond Campus, Monday 9-3  PM, Multicultural Room