Native American Summer Program

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Summer Training to Revive Indigenous Vision and Empowerment

DATES OF PROGRAM 2024: Monday, June 24th- Thursday, June 27th


STRIVE is COCC's summer program for Native American high school students that introduces participants to the college experience through academic, leadership and cultural activities.

The goal is to expose students to different elements of the college experience that will better prepare them for the transition from high school into college, or wherever their paths may lead. Through a hands-on approach, STRIVE offers activities designed to develop leadership skills, foster cultural pride and cultivate confidence in the college setting.

During the program, students take classes from college professors to explore different career options. They also participate in workshops with tribal leaders and program staff to explore pathways for serving their communities through higher education. Sessions on scholarships and financial aid also help students understand the resources to make college possible. Students earn a college credit, and the program is free of cost.

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Why participate?

  • Through STRIVE, you'll meet other Native students from across Oregon, college professors, leaders from different tribes, and Native college student mentors. STRIVE is all about connections!
  • STRIVE is a great opportunity to get a sense of and prepare for college classes.  
  • You will earn a free college credit through full participation.
  • Your participation in STRIVE will open up opportunities for scholarships.beading
  • You will explore different careers through workshops with college professors. 
  • STRIVE will help prepare you for the transition from high school to college.
  • Through STRIVE, you'll learn more about Native affairs and history and explore how others have used college as a vehicle to serve their tribal communities.

Come earn a college credit and find out what college is like!

STRIVE 2024 will be held on COCC's Bend Campus.

To apply for STRIVE, fill out this online application: 

STRIVE Online Application

Or, you can download a print version of the STRIVE application and send it to:

Jackie Currie
Native American College Preparation Coordinator
Central Oregon Community College


For questions or if you are interested in teaching at STRIVE, contact Jackie Currie.