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The Good Road I and The Good Road II are COCC college-prep courses offered in local high schools that prepare Native American students for success in high school, college and beyond. Each class allows students to earn a college credit. Through a dynamic curriculum, The Good Road emphasizes academic success strategies, leadership development and cultural knowledge and pride. The classes will also introduce students to college resources, scholarship writing and financial literacy for success in college or wherever their paths may lead.

 The reyannegoal of The Good Road is to encourage Native American youth to graduate from high school and pursue higher education, and ultimately, obtain a rewarding career and contribute to their communities. Students come out of The Good Road with pride in who they are and ready to bring this confidence into the college setting. The program offers a hands-on curriculum that integrates leadership, college preparation and culturally-relevant themes for Native American students.


Team Building
Students practice and implement team-building skills that apply to their lives in college and beyond.

Cross Cultural Communication
By learning the fundamentals of communication in various contexts, students become active listeners and participants.

Conflict Resolution
Students work through appropriate methods of handling conflict.

Personal Responsibility
By completing written assignments, group work, and research projects, students learn to be responsible for themselves and become aware of their role as individuals in a group environment.

Scholarship Writing and Financial Literacy
Students learn how to develop a personal narrative, apply for scholarships and become familiar with the financial aid process.

Cultural Pride
Through hands-on projects and culturally-relevant programming, students are encouraged to celebrate and explore their heritage and take pride in what they have to offer as Native students.

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The Good Road courses will be offered in local area high schools. Students who complete The Good Road I are eligible to participate in The Good Road II, earning both high school and college credit. Students are also encouraged to participate in STRIVE on the COCC Bend campus during the summer.

The Good Road will be offered in various Central Oregon high schools in Fall 2021.
If you are interested in participating, please fill out this online form:

The Good Road Application Form

For more information contact:

Geneva Mayall
Native American College Preparation Coordinator
Central Oregon Community College