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Equity Workshops Offered at COCC

Ableism 101: In this introductory workshop we work together to recognize and evaluate ableist practices.  Ableism is a form of systemic oppression that leads to people and society determining who is valuable and worthy based on physical characteristics, personal beliefs, and their ability to satisfactorily (re)produce, excel, and “behave” (working definition by TL Lewis). The workshop goals include:

    • Gain an understanding of what ableism is.
    • Become aware of ableist language and practices
    • Consider how ableism shows up in your role and what you can do to help COCC become a more inclusive College.
      Duration: 2hours

Culturally Respectful Hiring Practices: The task of selecting the best candidate for a job requires conscious attention to the impact that cultural differences play throughout the process.  In addition to complying with non-discrimination laws, we want to administer our hiring processes in ways that are fair and respectful to all applicants.  This workshop prompts our exploration on how to avoid making false assumptions or acting on unconscious biases when making decisions about applicants.  We also examine the value that cultural differences bring to our schools and share important strategies for advancing our efforts to hire a more diverse workforce.
Duration: 2 hours

Allies for Equity: Developing Cultural Fluency workshop series is a three-part, 12-hour series designed to advance our understanding of diversity, equity and inclusion, and foster a greater level of respect across our community.  The workshops are modeled after the awareness, knowledge, and skills model of cultural humility.  All workshops are highly interactive and include individual, small team, and large group work.  Additionally, workshops are designed to building upon information gained in the previous workshop.
Duration: 12 hours

Safe Zone: Safe Zones are confidential and safe environments for lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and Queer (LGBTQ+) individuals. This program offers education for our campus community on how to create a safer, more respectful environment for LGBTQ+ students and colleagues. Those who participate in the six-seven-hour training will receive a Safe Zone placard or button to display on their backpacks or doors.  The safe zone symbols indicate that these individuals are understanding, supportive, and knowledgeable of the needs and concerns of the LGBTQ+ community.  Because of the silence and fear of “coming out” as LGBTQ+, those seeing the placard or button can find a safe place to be fully themselves and discuss their needs and concerns. 
Duration: 8 hours

Safe Zone Lab: This will be dedicated time to practice some skills. This will include topics such as supporting someone who is coming out as well as how to disrupt offensive behavior. This will be open to all folks who have participated in Safe Zone.
Duration: 2 hours

Cultural Appropriation: In this interactive two-hour workshop, we work together to gain an understanding of what cultural appropriation is and how it affects our communities. We also explore the differences between assimilation, appreciation, and appropriation.

Cultural appropriation is an area where intent is very important but thinking about impact is essential. You need to decide for yourself if the impact for seemingly benign (to you) actions is something you are willing to deal with. It can be very subjective but if someone from the culture you are trying to celebrate is offended, try to keep an open mind and understand where they are coming from.
Duration: 2 hours

Gender Identity: Given the amazing work that the Transgender Taskforce and many others have done to support COCC employees and students through an ongoing atmosphere of mutual support and respect and fostering an awareness, acceptance and encouragement of different cultures, values and viewpoints by adding the ability for staff and students to self-report gender and personal pronouns in their Bobcat Web Account’s, we wanted to take it a step further and offer some guidance and information around gender identity.

The workshop goals include:

  • To understand terms associated with gender identity.
  • To gain an understanding of the effects of misgendering.
  • To develop skill in fostering an inclusive atmosphere with our colleagues, students, and the community including but not limited to pronouns.
    Duration: 2 hours

Equity Box: Modeled after Vivi Caleffi Prichard’s amazing work at Chemeketa Community College. Once a month enrolled folks receive a “box” with items that focus on one specific issue related to equity. These items include articles, books, podcast links, etc. Participants commit to use the contents of the “boxes” to learn about the specific issues/themes. At the end of the month the group gathers together to discuss the topic and engage in meaningful dialog.
Duration: 1 hour per month meeting time (not including time to engage with resources)

Workshops in Development:

Major Religious Observances

In order to assist with campus planning and scheduling of events, the list below contains important religious/spiritual observances for which employees and students who observe these holidays might not be on campus for work or class.
Major Religious Observances - 2018 (PDF)

Multicultural Films

Films Available from Diversity and Inclusion (PDF)