Diversity Committee Charter

The overall commitment of the College and the Diversity Committee is to create a welcoming campus climate that supports the rights of individuals and reflects respect for diverse cultures, backgrounds and ideas. In order to implement this commitment, COCC will increase its understanding of the challenges and opportunities involved in serving a diverse population; handle diversity issues with sensitivity and awareness of local/district interests and attitudes; model awareness and appreciation of diversity within our organization and encourage dialogue and collaboration across all lines of difference within our communities.

The Diversity Committee is recognized under the authority of the College President to serve in an advisory capacity to the Diversity Coordinator.

The Diversity Coordinator is designated as the sole authorized signatory for the Diversity Committee budget, and in such role, is the final authority for expenditure approval and program direction. The Diversity Coordinator, in turn, is responsible for apprising College Affairs of the activities and expenditures of the diversity efforts on campus.

A. Charge

1. The Diversity Committee functions in an advisory role to the Diversity Coordinator and will focus their efforts in regards to the following identified areas:

a. Access-increase opportunities for underrepresented populations to attend and succeed at COCC

b. Awareness- spread understanding of the challenges and opportunities within a diverse society

c. Training- provide access to professional development for COCC staff, faculty and students to increase their knowledge of diversity issues.

2. The Diversity Committee advises, recommends and develops strategies for recruitment and retention of a diversified faculty, staff and student body.

3. The Diversity Committee considers and recommends actions and programs that help support and fulfill diversity related commitments by the college.

4. The Diversity Committee provides a forum to which faculty, staff and students may refer questions and recommendations concerning diversity related policies, procedures and programming.

5. The Diversity Committee entertains proposals for funding from various interests on and off campus and advises and recommends actions to the Diversity Coordinator.

6. The Diversity Committee advises, recommends and develops strategies for integrating diversity into the curriculum.

7. The Diversity Committee reviews and evaluates diversity related programming and actions in collaboration with the Diversity Coordinator annually.

B. Membership

In its efforts to be representative of all aspects of the college, the Diversity Committee will be comprised of the following members:

Diversity Coordinator*

Director of Student Life

Two (2) Faculty representatives

Two (2) Student representatives

Two (2) Classified representatives

Two (2) Administrative representatives*

One (1) OSU-Cascades representative

* The Diversity Coordinator may not serve as chair.

*One administrative representative must be from the ABE Program.

* The committee may consider the inclusion of a community representative.

Except for student representatives, which will serve a 1 year term, each member will serve a two year term, with no more than half of the committee rotating off in any given year. The committee will appoint one Chair and one Chair-elect who will be designated to present the committee's recommendations to the Diversity Coordinator.