Diversity Education Award

The Diversity Committee announces the Diversity Education Award!

Purpose/Benefits to self and campus

The Diversity Education Award seeks to acknowledge the commitment that students and employees make to learn about cultural differences and thereby provide a more respectful campus community. By obtaining an award for your participation in 15 hours of diversity education programs, you also can build up a resume or job application and let future employers know that you have invested time in learning about different cultures.

What qualifies?

To obtain a Diversity Education Award, one must attend a minimum of 15 hours of combined diversity training opportunities and/or diversity workshops. These can include programs on topics such as, Culturally Respectful Hiring Practices, Safe Zone training, cross cultural communication, culturally respectful leadership, the Can We Talk About Race and Other Differences Series, etc. The workshops must provide opportunities for engaged and active learning about cultural differences and give one a better understanding of the diverse life experiences that exist in our community. Some of the programs that will be offered through this program will help our campus learn how to better support faculty/staff/students that might face unique challenges based on their life experiences and backgrounds.

How to sign-up and turn in hours

The Diversity Committee has set up a Blackboard site for the Diversity Education Award Program. To sign-up to participate in this program, contact Christy Walker at cwalker2@cocc.edu.  She will enroll you to participate in this program. Then, visit the Blackboard site - you can access it on the login page on the COCC webpage. You'll need your user name and password to log into your Blackboard site (for new users to Blackboard, this is your 820 number for the user name; for your password, capitalize the first initials of your first and last names followed by your birth date in this way: mm/dd/yy.) Once you are logged onto Blackboard, select the Diversity Education Program link under the list of classes. There are instructions on how to proceed in the announcement that appears on the opening page of this class.

A list of approved workshops will be listed on the website. Once you have registered in the award program, you will be able to select the workshops that you have attended. Blackboard will keep track of the number of hours of training that you have attended and when you have reached 15 hours, the Diversity Committee will be alerted that you have completed the requirements for an award. The awards will be given out at our annual Diversity Awards Luncheon held each spring term.

For those who have already participated in the Culturally Respectful Hiring Practices workshops or the Safe Zone trainings, you will be able to receive credit for the hours of these programs. If you have attended both workshops, you have already accumulated 9 hours that qualify for this award you are more than halfway towards earning your award! For those students who have attended Sonya Littledeer's Diversity Workshops, you have earned up to12 hours towards your Diversity Education Award!

Upcoming Classes how to begin/ approval for other events

The Blackboard website will be regularly updated to feature upcoming workshops and other events that qualify for the Diversity Education Award. By signing up for this program, you will receive regular emails when new training opportunities are added to Blackboard.

If there are diversity training activities that you would like to consider for this program but they are not offered on our website, contact the Director, Diversity and Inclusion.

For information, contact Christy Walker at cwalker2@cocc.edu.

Diversity Education Award Recipients