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"It is my desire to help low-income families be able to access outdoor activities and be more active. That career choice wouldn't seem possible without the generous donation from the community and the scholarships that I received."
- Scholarship recipient

Latino Scholarship ChartCOCC Latinx Program Scholarships are awarded based on three criteria: financial need, demonstrated promise and dedication exhibited by the student, and the students participation in COCC's Latinx Program. Our scholarship recipients not only receive financial support, they are also given one on one academic and career advising.

Award criteria specifies that the recipient will:

  1. Be a full-time/part-time in-district student entering or attending Central Oregon Community College.
  2. Demonstrate significant academic and personal motivation.
  3. Have a minimum 2.0 grade point average.
  4. Demonstrate financial need.
  5. Have successfully completed at least 3 credits at COCC or completed coursework in the OLI, AVANZA! Programs or a similar college preparation course.
  6. Be a participant in the Latinx Program.

Prior to 2012, 5 to 10 students received small awards due to limited funds. In 2015, 24 students received full scholarships.

"For two years, I was supported by the scholarships that received and have gone further than I have ever imagined in my education."
- Scholarship recipient

Jacqueline Ruggieri, Latinx Program Coordinator 
P: 541.318.3726

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