February 2015 E-News from Diversity and Inclusion

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February 2015 E-News from the Office of Diversity and Inclusion

In this monthly e-newsletter, you will find information on upcoming programs, workshops, and other events. Your input, ideas, and questions are welcome! Please contact Christy Walker, Director, Diversity and Inclusion at cwalker2@cocc.edu or call 383-7412 for more information or visit our webpage at: www.cocc.edu/multicultural.

Student Club Meetings

First Nations Student Union, Tuesdays, 11 am - noon, Multicultural Center, Campus Center, Bend. Contact Gina Ricketts for more information: rricketts@cocc.edu.

Latino Club, Tuesdays, noon - 1 pm, Multicultural Center, Campus Center, Bend. Latino Club on the Redmond campus will meet on Monday, Feb 9 from noon - 1 pm in Building 3, room 303. Contact Evelia Sandoval for more information: esandoval@cocc.edu)

African American Heritage Club, Thursdays, noon-1 pm, Multicultural Center, Campus Center, Bend. Contact Gordon Price for more information: gprice@cocc.edu

Gay Straight Alliance, Fridays at 3 4 pm, Multicultural Center, Campus Center, Bend. Contact Owen Murphy for more information: omurphy@cocc.edu

Asian Student Club has formed and meetings are being scheduled. Contact David Liu for more information: dliu@cocc.edu

Jewish Student Club meets monthly. Contact Pat Givens for more information: pgivens@cocc.edu

Information and Events for February 2015


Our annual Season of Nonviolence is dedicated to the work for Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., Mahatma Gandhi, Cesar Chavez, and Wilma Mankiller. Please join us in honoring their work of advocacy for social justice and nonviolent change.

Community Book Conversation
Several community organizations are joining the COCC and OSU Cascades campuses in hosting a book study on Derald Wing Sue's book, Overcoming Our Racism: Journey to Liberation. The conversations will span a period of six weeks beginning on the dates and times listed below. To join in this community-wide discussion, choose a date below that works for you and register with the organizer of that group discussion. Books are available for purchase at local book stores and online, and several are available at the public libraries. If you have difficulty locating a book to read, contact the organizer of the group youd like to join. Although we encourage participants to read two chapters for each group meeting, it is not necessary to read the chapters in order to participate in the group discussion.

We hope you will join in this powerful exploration of race consciousness and advance our understanding of how to work for racial justice in our community.

For the most up to date list of conversation groups, visit the Multicultural Activites website: www.cocc.edu/multicultural/

Book Discussion Celebration: A Community United Against Racism
Wednesday, March 4, 4- 6 pm, Wille Hall, Campus Center, Bend Campus

As the community book discussions conclude their review of Overcoming Our Racism: Journey to Liberation, we will hold a community celebration and dialogue about the next steps that we can take together to end racial injustice in our community. Whether youve participated in the book discussions or not, please join in this important community conversation.

Co-Sponsored with Building Common Ground and the Social Justice Center.

Performance: Native Visions
Monday, February 9, 5 7 pm, Hitchcock Auditorium, 201 Pioneer Hall, Bend Campus

This two person show depicts the lives and experiences of Native Americans who have made important contributions to our society throughout our nations history. Each show empowers the audience with knowledge about the truth of those who have impacted and built America as we know it today. Co-sponsored by the Native American Program.

Remembering the Legacy of Pete Seeger
Thursday, February 12, 6:30 - 8 pm, Wille Hall, Campus Center, Bend Campus

In 1963, Pete Seeger performed a concert at Carnegie Hall. He and his family were preparing to leave the U.S., not knowing for sure if they would ever return. The evenings selections were poignant, vibrant, political, ironic, and FUN. The common threads between the tunes were a love for humankind and advocacy of peace and justice. It is our hope to recreate the spirit of that special evening by performing the same set-list as was presented at Carnegie Hall in hopes that everyone will join along in singing honoring the first anniversary of his passing.

Film: Cesar Chavez, History is Made One Step at a Time
Monday, February 16, 4 - 6 pm, 209 Redmond Technology Center, Redmond Campus
Tuesday, February 17, 4 - 6 pm, Hitchcock Auditorium, 201 Pioneer Hall, Bend Campus

This film chronicles the life of Cesar Chavez, the famed civil rights leader and labor organizer torn between his duties as a husband and father and his commitment to securing a living wage for farm workers. Chavez embraced non-violence in his struggle against greed and prejudice. His life inspires us to consider how to advocate passionately for the rights of respect, dignity and justice for all. Co-sponsored by Latino Program.

Ramon Ramierez, PCUN (Northwest Treeplanters and Farmworkers United)
Monday, February 16, noon 1 pm, 209 Redmond Technology Center, Redmond Campus

Join us for a discussion with a PCUN-representative to learn more the legacy of Cesar Chavez work here in Oregon. PCUN - Pineros y Campesinos Unidos del Noroeste (Northwest Treeplanters and Farmworkers United) is Oregons farmworkers union and largest Latino organization in the state. Lunch will be provided so please contact esandoval@cocc.edu if you would like to attend.

Discussion On Forgiveness: A Discussion of Simon Wiesenthals book, The Sunflower.
Monday, February 16, noon to 1 pm, Multicultural Center, 217 Campus Center, Bend Campus.

COCC Professor Tony Russell will lead a discussion on Simon Wiesenthals thought-provoking classic The Sunflower: On the Possibilities and Limits of Forgiveness.
The first half of The Sunflower is a memoir of the authors experience in a Nazi labor camp. The second half of The Sunflower consists of essays on specific aspects of forgiveness, such as whether an individual can forgive another individual for atrocities inflicted upon a group. Broader issues related to forgiveness will also be discussed. Don't miss this thought-provoking discussion on the ethics, practicalities and effects of forgiveness.

Sponsored by the COCC Jewish Students Club and the COCC Historical Club.

Film: Dear White People: A Satire About Being a Black Face in a White Place
Monday, February 16, 5 7 pm, 107 OSU Cascades Hall

This award-winning movie takes place in Winchester University where a small group of Black students maneuvers their way through a predominantly White college. OSU Cascades ASCC invites us to join in a commemoration of Black History Month for a movie and discussion about stereotypes and how they affect us all.

Community Conversation on Poverty
Wednesday, February 18, 6:30 8:00 pm, Willie Hall, Campus Center, Bend Campus

Join us for a community conversation about poverty. This community discussion will look at the culture of poverty, how personal experience frames understanding, and encourage you to make a difference in our community. Conversation facilitated by Gienia Baines and Rhea Cramer in collaboration with the Family Access Network.

Co-sponsored with VSP, Family Access Network, Mosaic Medical, High Desert ESD, HousingWorks, Deschutes Co. Juvenile Community Justice, McKinney Vento Homeless Liaisons, Bend/La Pine Schools, Bend Metro Parks and Recreation, Redmond School District, and St. Charles.

Mind the Gaps: How Gender Shapes Our Lives Monday
March 2, 6:30 - 8 pm Wille Hall, Campus Center, Bend Campus

Jade Aguilar, Assistant Professor of Sociology and Womens and Gender Studies at Willamette University, will lead participants in a conversation about how, from the moment we are born, gender shapes every aspect of our lives. In the twenty-first century, disparities among the genders still prevail, especially at the intersections of race, class, immigration status, and geography. What can these disparities tell us about societys values and priorities? How can we better understand the complex ways gender affects our daily lives and identities? Aguilar will guide the audience in a discussion about these questions and examine ways of finding meaning within gender gaps.

Co-sponsored with Visiting Scholar Program, Oregon Humanities, and Building Common Ground and the Social Justice Center.

Coming in March.......

Latino Dance Festival, March 6 & 7, Wille Hall.

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