Wait Lists

What happens if a class is full?

Some COCC classes may be full and have a waitlist. A waitlist is an ordered list of students waiting to register in a class that is full. When a registered student in the class drops, a student from the waitlist will automatically be added. You can see if a class has seats available on the class schedule.

How do I add myself to the waitlist of a full class?

  1. Go to the registration section of your Bobcat Web Account, enter the CRN(s) for the class(es) and click the Submit Changes button.
  2. When you attempt to register for a class that is full, a message will display with the option to add yourself to the waitlist.
    1. With “Wait List” displayed in the Action column, click Submit Changes to add yourself to the waitlist.
    2. If you click Submit Changes while “None” is displayed in the Action column, you will not be added to the waitlist and nothing else will happen.



I want to be registered in a class but I am on the waitlist, now what?

Before the term begins:
When a registered student drops the class and a seat becomes available, the next student on the waitlist is automatically registered in the class.  An email notification will be sent to their COCC email address. This process happens until 7 p.m. on the Sunday before the term. 

After the term begins:
Once electronic approval is provided (note that once the term begins, instructor approval is valid for two business days), check your student account for the approval code by following the steps below.

Log in to your "Bobcat Web Account"
Choose "Student Services and Financial Aid"
Choose "Registration"
Choose "Can I Register for Fall 2020 Credit Classes?"
Look for the "Registration Permits and Overrides"

If you do not see an approval code, contact your instructor. Otherwise, follow this easy two-step process to add the course:

  1. It may seem odd, but the first step is to drop the waitlisted section from your schedule.
  2. Once dropped, register back in the course using the designated CRN.


How will I know if I got into the course I was waitlisted for?

An email will be sent to your COCC email as soon as you have been moved from the waitlist into the course.

What are my chances of getting into a course if I am on a waitlist?

It depends. Check your status on the waitlist. This number tells you how many students are ahead of you on the waitlist. The lower the number the greater the chances of you getting into the class.

How do I check my waitlist position?

  1. Login to Bobcat Web Account.
  2. Go to Student Services and Financial Aid. Registration.
  3. Then go to Student Schedule.
  4. Check your waitlist position for the waitlisted class. This is your position in the order of the waitlist.

Status: Shows the date you were added to the waitlist
Waitlist Position: Shows your current position on the waitlist

Waitlist Position

What if I don’t get on the waitlist and I want to be registered in the class?

If you don't get on the waitlist after the start of the term, you may show up to the first full week of classes and request late registration approval from the instructor, to add the class. The instructor will approve by providing you with an electronic late registration approval in your Bobcat web account. Once electronic approval is provided, check your student Bobcat account for the approval code, and register yourself for the class.

Can I be registered for multiple waitlists for the same course?

Yes, you can register for multiple wait lists. As soon as a seat becomes available in one, you will be registered in that course. You will be dropped from the other waitlist classes with the same name.

Can I register for one course and be on a waitlist for another with the same subject, but different CRN (Course Reference Number)?

If you are registered in a course the system will allow you to add to a waitlist for another section of the same course with a different CRN.  If a seat becomes available for the waitlisted CRN, you will not be registered into the waitlisted course and will automatically be dropped from the waitlist.