Attendance Requirement

Students with InstructorTo maintain enrollment in each class, the student must attend 100 percent of the first week's class and lab meetings. Students in online classes must complete the attendance requirement outlined in the syllabus. (For classes that do not span the entire term the student must attend the first class session.) If a student does not attend, the instructor will administratively withdraw the student; however, to guarantee withdrawal and avoid tuition charges, the student should drop their class online through their Bobcat Web Account Registration Page or by contacting Enrollment Services by phone at 541-383-7500 or in office at any COCC campus by the appropriate deadline.
Adding and Dropping Classes.

For classes that are of less than eight weeks duration, attendance at the first class only is required to avoid administrative withdrawal.

If your instructor administratively withdraws you from class due to non-attendance, you will receive an email from Enrollment Services during the second week of the term. If you wish to re-register for the class, you must have permission (either a signature or electronic approval) from the instructor.

Students who are unable to attend class/lab during the first week of the term, must contact the instructor BEFORE the first class/lab session to avoid administrative withdrawal.

The Administrative Withdrawal policy does not relieve students from full responsibility for officially dropping a course within the given deadline to not incur tuition charges and to not receive a grade for the course.