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How to Access COCC Tutors

How to Use Western eTutoring Consortium Tutors

Quick facts about Tutoring

No need for an appointment, tutoring is offered on a drop-in basis for the majority of subjects, via Zoom and in-person.

 Click on:

Welcome to eTutoring!


Tutoring is a free service offered to all currently enrolled students.

 Step 1: Log on to your COCC Canvas account for specific subjects and locations. (click on the COCC Tutoring tab)

Here you will find in-person schedules and ZOOM schedules.

 Username: your entire COCC email address


 COCC tutors are faculty recommended, trained and current in our curriculum

 Step 2: Click on the COCC Tutoring tab and select a tutor who is on-line


 Password: coccetutor

(do not change this password, it is the same for all students)


Call 541-383-7539 or e-mail 

 Specific times listed in Canvas


 Weekly Schedule for Online Tutoring