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Tutoring & Testing Mission Goals

COCC Tutoring Center Mission statement:

COCC's Tutoring services promote student success by empowering learners to build skills, confidence and autonomy.


Goal #1: To foster collaborative, curriculum-based learning for students by providing access to trained peer tutors, study groups, online tutoring, technology and resources

Goal #2: To help students develop self-awareness, self-direction and self-confidence, so they succeed and graduate

Goal #3: To maintain excellent student support by requiring tutor and staff training and professional development

Learning Outcomes

Students who regularly use the Writing Center will develop and practice essential college reading, writing, and study skills.

Students who participate in Tutoring persist to the next term/to graduation/in their community college education at a rate equal to or better than the general population.

Students in Tutoring acquire/apply study skills in subject specific areas. Measuring secondary learning outcomes with TutorTrac/local surveys/student & faculty reviews. SENSE & CCSSE