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COVID-19 updates (for general college information) and Spring Term Student Information (important FAQs for students).

Tutoring FAQs

  1. COCC Bend CampusTutors are available during the term to help you gain confidence in your coursework.
  2. Tutors work to clarify concepts introduced by the faculty and to develop your learning skills.
  3. It might be helpful to work with an individual who has been through the class that you are in, to gain perspective and mastery of a challenging subject.

Drop-in Tutoring will be changing to an online format for Spring Term effective on April 7th through April 28th.  We will not be offering any face to face tutoring during this time frame.  All tutoring staff are working remotely at this time.

COCC students will be able to access COCC Tutors Online via Zoom in their Blackboard accounts starting on April 7th.  The information will be located under Student Services in your Student Blackboard account on April 7th. There will be Zoom links you can click on to access COCC Tutors in COCC Blackboard only.

We will be adding more tutoring times as staff are trained in this new Zoom online tutoring format.  Online Tutoring is free for COCC students in courses currently offered!

Questions About Tutoring

Q. How much does tutoring cost?
Tutoring is a free service to any currently enrolled COCC student for the COCC course you are enrolled in.

Q. How do I sign up for a tutor?
Tutoring is done on a drop-in and appointment basis, depending upon the subject. Come to the front desk at the Testing & Tutoring Center or call 383-7534.

Q. Do I need to prepare for a tutoring session?
Yes. You will get the most out of a tutoring session if you have a list of questions or topics that you would like to discuss. Please attempt homework before working with a tutor.

Q. What if there is no tutor for the class I need help with?
Tell the Director of Tutoring. The instructor will be contacted to find out if someone is available.

Q. How do I know that my tutor is qualified to help me?
Tutors must receive a B+ or better and have a recommendation from an instructor in the area they wish to tutor. COCC's tutoring center is a College Reading and Learning Association certified center, tutors are trained in effective methods of tutoring.

Q. Can I try different tutors if I want to hear a different perspective?
Yes. It is a good idea to come before you are in a crisis mode to try out a variety of tutoring styles. We have a diverse group of tutors who work as a team. Try out several tutors until you find one that suits your learning style. We provide opportunities to give feedback on tutors.

Q. Where does tutoring take place?
In most cases, tutoring is done in the Tutoring & Testing Center, in the lower level of the Library. Lab specific tutoring takes place in Ponderosa hall. Additional math tutoring is available at the Redmond campus. For exact locations, go to the Subjects tutored link on this page for more information.

Tutors will help you in several ways:

  • They will clarify information presented in class or in your textbook.
  • They will engage you in discussion of how to work particular problems.
  • They will share study skills that helped them achieve excellence in their area of study.

There are a few things tutors won't do:

  • They won't check or grade your homework!
  • They won't review entire projects - faculty will do this.
  • They won't introduce information that you should have already heard in class or read in the textbook.
  • They won't advise you on which instructors to take.

Come by the Tutoring & Testing Center in the lower level of the Library to make arrangements for a tutor or to discuss becoming a tutor.

Contact Kellie Smith for more information at or 541-383-7536.