Tutoring FAQs

  1. COCC Bend Campus

    C.O.C.C. Tutoring 

    You may find that working with a tutor – someone who has had the same course you’re taking and has done well – is just what you need to get your learning back on track and also to develop your learning skills.

     Questions About Tutoring

    1. Q: How much does tutoring cost?
    2. A: Tutoring is a free service to any currently enrolled C.O.C.C. student.


    1. Q: What if there is no tutor for the class I need help with?
    2. A: Tell of the Director of Tutoring. The instructor will be contacted to find out if someone is available.


    1. Q: What modes of tutoring are available?

    A1. You can access COCC tutors in person or via Zoom in Canvas. Go to your COCC Canvas account and click on the COCC Tutoring tab to find hours of  in person tutoring and links to COCC tutors via Zoom.


    A2. COCC’s Tutoring Center is a member of the Western E-Tutoring Consortium. Accessing this service is   

           easy! Visit https://www.cocc.edu/departments/tutoring-and-testing/tutoring/online-tutoring.aspx for   

           more details.


    A3. Face-to-face tutoring will be available for Math/Science/Professional Technical subjects on a drop-in

            and appointment basis (call 541-383-7534).


    1. How do I know that my tutor is qualified to help me?
    2. Tutors must receive a B or better and have a recommendation from an instructor in the area they wish to

          tutor. In addition, tutors receive training to help them tutor effectively.


    1. Is it okay to request a different tutor?
    2. Yes. We recognize that tutors are individuals and may not work well with all students. Work with several

          tutors until you find one that suits your learning style. We provide opportunities to give feedback on tutors.


    1. Where does tutoring take place?

    A.​ Face-to-face tutoring is offered in the lower level of the Library, the first floor of Science (Bend) and the 2nd

          floor of R-Tech (Redmond). COCC Zoom tutoring is within Canvas. Western eTutoring is accessed through

          our website, as mentioned above. As we expand offerings, updates will be posted to our website.


    FACULTY do the following:

    • They teach class material specific to curriculum and assign/review progress on projects.
    •  They are the primary resource for answering questions and clarifying concepts during class, during office hours, and by appointment.
    • They check and grade homework.
    • They advise students on their program of study. 

    TUTORS will help in several ways:

    • They will clarify information presented in class or in the textbook.
    • They will engage in discussion of how to work particular problems.
    • They will offer encouragement as you struggle to understand difficult concepts.

    Contact Tina or Kellie for more information (tleslie@cocc.edu /ksmith@cocc.edu or 541-383-7534/541-383-7536).