Distance Education Testing

Non-COCC test proctoring---------------$25.00/test (add'l fee after 2 hrs.)

See essential proctor information at the bottom of this page.

Protocol for Student Use of COCC Testing

  1. It is the responsibility of the student to request that tests be delivered to the COCC Testing Center. Call 541-383-7538 for Test Center information.
  2. Examinees need to check with COCC Testing after requesting tests from their institution within one week to determine if a test has arrived.
  3. Call the Testing Center to make an appointment to take your first test three working days (Monday through Friday) prior to the date you wish to test.
  4. Check to see if we have all of the tests for your course when you come in for your first test.
  5. During inclement weather, call 541-383-7538 to see if the college has been closed.
  6. For computer-based testing, please make an appointment each time you test. During midterms and finals weeks please make contact with Testing to confirm we have appropriate test and/or to reserve a seat.
  7. Examinees will comply with all policies of the COCC Testing Center.
  8. Students eligible for accommodation under the Americans with Disabilities Act, or who require adaptive technology or special services, will have those services provided when notification of need is given at least five (5) business days prior to the date of the scheduled test.
  9. Whether COCC Testing Center services are available for any kind of test and whether a student pays the fee for testing will be determined by the institution offering the course. Visit the Consortium of College Testing Center’s website for further schedules at NCTA testing
  10. In order to be tested, a current valid photo ID is required for all testing at COCC’s Testing Center.

Guidelines for Instructors Using COCC Testing

  1. The Testing Center will not test for entire classes.
  2. Tests may be delivered to COCCTesting@cocc.edu or by U.S. Mail or by hand.
  3. If necessary, exams need to arrive with accouterments (e.g., scantrons, bluebooks, charts, formula sheets) and clearly stated proctoring and return instructions attached to each test. Each test will also include name of institution, name of instructor, course name and number, and student name.
  4. All tests proctored by the COCC Testing Center will be punched in and out via a time clock.
  5. Proctors actively proctor tests, observing examinees without being obtrusive. Proctors maintain the security of test materials.
  6. Tests may be returned via scan, U.S. mail or campus mail or are picked up by the instructors. The Testing Center will not receive or send tests via FAX. Self-addressed, stamped envelopes will be provided by the instructor for return service unless the instructor/agent intends to pick up completed tests.
  7. Whether COCC Testing Center services are available for any kind of test and whether a student pays the fee for testing will be determined by the institution offering the course. The institution offering the course will communicate this information to their faculty and students at the beginning of each term. It is recommended that faculty put this information in their course syllabus.


Mail tests to:

Kellie Smith, Director of Tutoring & Testing  
Tutoring & Testing Department
Central Oregon Community College
2600 N.W. College Way
Bend, OR 97703-5933

COCC certified test proctors  
TBA -  Test Proctor  Specialist             


Chris Donnelly


Nita Hoskin                        


Matthew Wagenknecht


Dave Turner