Financial Aid FAQs

Welcome to our Frequently Asked Questions page. Click on the topic that your question may be about.  If you do not find your answers, feel free to email the Financial Aid office at    

  • Aid Eligibility

    What is financial need and how is it determined?

    Financial need is the difference between the cost of attendance (COA) at COCC and your Expected Family Contribution (EFC). The EFC measures your family's financial resources available for your education. Federal funding, including some loans, are based on this financial need. Learn more about COA.

    What are the educational requirements for federal financial aid?

    You must have completed a secondary education and be enrolled as a regular student in an eligible program working toward a certification or degree. You also need to meet the Department of Education's satisfactory academic progress standards. Learn more about these standards.

    What are the legal and other requirements for federal financial aid?

    You must be a U.S. citizen or eligible non-citizen with a valid social security number (exceptions apply for certain Republics). You must certify that you will use federal student aid only for educational purposes and that you do not have prior student loans in default or owe money on a federal grant.

    How do I maintain eligibility for federal financial aid?

    COCC monitors your progression toward your degree each term. You must maintain a minimum cumulative GPA of 2.0 and a 66.67% completion rate to stay eligible for financial aid. If you're considering dropping a class, use the completion rate calculator. Check your GradTracks for your term GPA. For more details, read the full Satisfactory Academic Progress Policy.

  • Aid Status

    What if I can't log in or have questions about the Bobcat Web Account?

    If you're unable to log in with your COCC ID, or have questions about the operation of the Bobcat Web Account, contact COCC's web helpline at 541-383-7500 during regular business hours. You can check your status and download requested forms online through your Bobcat Web Account.

    How do I accept my financial aid offer?

    Go to 'Student Services & Financial Aid' > 'Financial Aid' > 'My Award Information' > 'Award by Aid Year'. Select the appropriate aid year and click the 'Accept Offer' tab.

    How do I print forms requested in the missing docs letter or follow-up email?

    Go to 'Student Services and Financial Aid' > 'Financial Aid' > 'My Overall Status of Financial Aid'. Select the appropriate aid year and click on 'Student Requirements'.

    How do I check for a bookstore credit?

    Go to 'Student Services and Financial Aid' > 'Financial Aid' > 'My Overall Status of Financial Aid'. Select the appropriate aid year and click on 'Messages'.

    How do I check my aid amount for the term?

    Go to 'Student Services and Financial Aid' > 'Financial Aid' > 'My Award Information' > 'Award Overview'. Select the appropriate aid year.

    How do I check the balance of my account?

    Go to 'Student Services and Financial Aid' > 'Tuition/Fees and Online Payments'.

    Is loan entrance or exit counseling required?

    Go to 'Student Services and Financial Aid' > 'Financial Aid' > 'My Overall Status of Financial Aid'. Select the appropriate aid year and click on 'Student Requirements'.

    How do I verify or change my current address COCC has on file?

    Go to 'Personal Information' > 'View Address(es) and Phone(s)'. To verify your current address or to make changes, click on 'Update Address(es) and Phone(s)'.

  • Award Information
  • Bookstore Credits

    Registered students who are eligible for financial aid and who have sufficient aid to cover tuition and fees may be eligible to charge books and supplies at the COCC bookstore. To be eligible for a bookstore credit, all requested documents must be satisfied, aid offer must be accepted and you must be enrolled (not waitlisted). Check your Bobcat Web Account using the steps below to see if you have sufficient financial aid for a bookstore credit.

    Click on 'Student Services and Financial Aid'
    Click on 'Financial Aid'
    Click on 'My Overall Status of Financial Aid'
    Select appropriate aid year
    Click on 'Messages'

    Books and supplies charged will be deducted along with tuition/fees and other authorized charges from your total financial aid offer on tuition due date. The maximum bookstore credit available is $600 for a term depending on aid eligibility.

    Bookstore Credits for the 2023-24 Year

    Summer 2023  June 5 - July 7 by noon
    Fall 2023 August 21 - October 6
    Winter 2024 December 4 - January 19
    Spring 2024 March 4 - April 12
  • FAFSA®
  • Oregon Foster Youth Tuition and Fee Waiver

    Can students from foster care attend college tuition-free?

    If you were in the care/custody of Oregon Department of Human Services or a federally recognized Oregon Tribe (foster care) for one or more years between the ages of 16-21, you can attend an Oregon community college or public university tuition-free. This is possible if it's been less than 3 years since you left foster care or earned your high school diploma/GED, and you're planning to get a certificate, associate, or bachelor's degree.

    What steps do I need to take to receive the tuition waiver?

    1. Apply for financial aid using the FAFSA®.
    2. Apply for the Chafee Grant to help with school costs.

    How does the tuition and fee waiver work?

    Your federal aid (Pell, SEOG), Oregon Opportunity Grant (OOG), Oregon Promise Grant (OPG), and any other institutional aid will be used to cover your tuition and fees. Any remaining amount will be waived. Note: Certain fees, including but not limited to dining services, books, supplies, parking, personal incidentals, fines, room/board, and 'pass-through' fees paid to an outside provider, are not covered by this waiver.

  • Part-Time Students

    Generally, the Financial Aid office will pay your financial aid based on the amount of credits you are enrolled in on tuition due dates. An exception is the Pell Grant which sometimes pays a small amount for less-than-half-time enrollment. Classes must be taken for credit, not audited, to count toward financial aid.

    See the Compare Financial Aid page for enrollment requirements.


  • Receiving Funds
    • How do I check my account balance?

    See "Aid Status" above.

  • Satisfying Requirements
  • Summer Term Aid

    What types of aid are available for summer?
    Federal Pell Grant, Federal Supplemental Opportunity Grant (FSEOG), Direct Loans, Federal Work-Study, PLUS Loan, and Private Loans. Complete your FAFSA® at if you haven't already.

    How to request loans for summer?
    If you've mistakenly accepted 2023-24 loans before revision, request summer term loans by contacting the Financial Aid office. Remember to borrow responsibly.

    What about Federal Pell Grant and FSEOG?
    These will be automatically paid to eligible students enrolled in summer term. For more details, contact the Financial Aid office.

    Which types of aid are not available for summer term?
    Oregon Opportunity Grant (OOG), Oregon Promise Grant, COCC Foundation Scholarship, and COCC Merit Scholarship. For more information, click here.