Scholarships are a great resource to help students pay for their education expenses and unlike loans, do not have to be repaid. Hundreds of scholarships are offered to students each year who meet specific qualifications designated by the private donor(s). These qualifications could be but are not limited to: field of study, academic record, volunteer service, athletic ability, artistic talent, financial need, club associations and members of under represented groups. Scholarships are worth seeking so get started today!

If you'd like help getting started on your hunt for scholarships from a financial aid expert, please visit the COCC Scholarship Days page for more information on a Scholarship Day event near you!



How To Be Successful!

    • Start early
    • Read carefully
    • Get organized
    • Follow directions
    • Proofread carefully
    • Copy everything
    • Submit early
    • Follow up

Avoid scams while searching for scholarships.  Here are a few tips from the Department of Education.

Broaden Your Search

    • Contact organizations
    • Veterans benefits
    • Local employers
    • Campus bulletin boards
    • College web sites