Federal Work-Study FAQs

As a potential student worker, you may have several questions regarding the work-study program. Below you will find a list of answers you may be looking for. If you still have more questions or need clarification, do not hesitate to contact the Federal Work-Study Coordinator.

  • What is the Federal Work-Study Program?
    The Federal Work-Study Program provides part-time jobs for students with financial need. In many ways, work-study jobs are like a normal part-time job. The student worker will be paid for any hours that are worked. For example: Sally worked 45 hours at the Bookstore during September. Sally would then be paid in October for those 45 hours. Student workers may use their earnings to assist them with college expenses.
  • Who is eligible to receive work-study?
    Students must file the FAFSA® to become eligible for work-study. Students must demonstrate financial need and those who file the FAFSA® early often have a better chance at qualifying. Not all students qualify for work-study. Funding is limited and COCC may award aid on a first-come, first-serve basis. To determine if you have been awarded, log into your Bobcat Web Account and view your offers. If you see "Federal Work-Study", then you are eligible for apply for work-study positions.
  • What types of positions are available?
    Jobs at COCC vary from Cashiers, Library Student Assistants, Office Assistants, Student Ambassadors, Computer Lab Attendants and many more. Due to the need to match job requirements with student skills, the College cannot guarantee employment to all eligible work-study recipients. Current jobs are located online at jobs.cocc.edu.
  • Pay and Hours
    Student workers will be paid, at the very least, Oregon minimum wage but may have the opportunity to earn more. Some positions require a specific job skills or requirements. Typically, these jobs do pay a higher rate of pay. Student workers that decide to return to the same position and department for a second year may also be eligible for receive a higher rate of pay. Student workers are not allowed to work more than 19 hours per week. Studies have shown that student workers do better in school if their hours are limited to 10-12 hours per week.
  • How much work-study can be earned?
    Students may be offered the initial amount of $4500. Students will see their offered amount through their Bobcat Web Account. The offered amount is the maximum amount that they may earn for the academic year. The offered amount is divided equally into the number or terms the student will be attending COCC. It may be possible to increase the offered amount if the student has remaining eligibility. Students are advised to contact the Work-Study Coordinator to find out if their award may be increased.
  • Is work-study a grant?
    No. Student workers are eligible to earn up to the dollar amount listed on their financial aid awards. Students are not guaranteed this money nor are they required to earn it all. Student workers are paid monthly on the 15th for actual hours worked the previous month. Time sheets must be electronically submitted by the student worker and approved by the supervisor at the end of the month worked. Checks will then be available in the Boyle Education Center, paycheck may be mailed or the student worker may set up a direct deposit instead.  
  • May I work more than one job?
    Yes, but student cannot exceed the amount of offer for the academic year. The student worker and supervisor will be responsible for tracking the hours worked so the student worker does not exceed awarded amounts. Contracts from both positions must be complete and submitted to the FWS Coordinator for processing. This does not increase their offer and student workers will not be allowed to exceed the offered amount.
  • Is the wage that is earned taxable?
    Yes. All wages earned will be held accountable for any state and federal taxes such as FICA. If student workers earns enough income according to the IRS regulations, they will be required to file income tax returns.
  • How do I find a job?
    Once students have confirmed that they have been awarded and accepted work-study, they may begin applying for work-study positions. All current jobs are posted online at the COCC employment page under the 'Federal Work-Study Position' link. New users will need to set up a free account before being able to apply for positions.
  • Can my work-study award change during the year?
    Yes. Occasionally the Financial Aid Office will need to revise the amount of offers based on changes in financial situations or receipt of additional financial resources. This could include scholarships and third party contract. It is the students responsibility to notify the supervisor of any offer changes.
  • I have more questions, who do I contact?
    Contact the Federal Work-Study Coordinator at (541) 383-7263.