The Federal Work-Study (FWS) program provides employment opportunities to students who apply for financial aid and are eligible for the program. Availability is based on federal fund limits.

In addition to providing income, students may acquire work experience in jobs related to their academic interests. Many students help finance their education by securing part-time employment on-campus. The work-study program gives students the opportunity to earn money while in school. Since students work in order to receive funds from employment, this kind of assistance is considered a form of self-help aid.


1 Qualifying for Work-Study

Students must file the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA®) and answer 'YES' to the question "Are you interested in the Federal Work-Study Program?". Those who file the FAFSA®® early, often have a better chance qualifying for work-study. Students also must demonstrate financial need to become eligible for work-study funding. Not all students who qualify for work-study will be offered funding. Funding is limited and COCC may offer on a first-come, first-serve base.

2 Accepting Work-Study

To determine if you have been offered work-study, log into your Bobcat Web Account to view your offers. If you see 'Federal Work-Study' as part of your offer, you are eligible to apply for work-study positions. Be sure to accept the funding if you are interested. If you do not see 'Federal Work-Study' and are interested in the program, feel free to contact the Work-Study Coordinator.

3 Gathering Information

Not all students that are offered work-study will receive employment through the program. Just like the 'real world', you need to be the best qualified applicant. Although a resume' and cover letter are not required, it is a best practice to include them. Update or create a resume' to emphasize what skills you have learned, in addition to jobs performed. Use actions words like assisted, conducted, directed, proposed or monitored. Cover letter should convince the reader to look at your resume', provide information specifically required in the job position and call attention to elements of your background. If you need assistance, schedule an appointment with COCC's Career Services by calling 541-383-7200. Write out a detailed employment history beginning with the most recent that include: company name, address, contact information, supervisor and contact information, job title, responsibilities, date your started/ended and your final pay rate. Having all this information in hand prior to completing the application will make the application process faster and less stressful. With all of the information, you are ready to apply!

4 Applying for Position

All departments accepting applications will list their available positions online at Since this page is COCC's employment site, be sure to click the "Federal Work-Study Positions' link midway down the page. Clicking on the title of the position will give you detailed information regarding specific skills required and job criteria. Once you have reviewed the information and would like to apply, begin by clicking the 'Apply for this Job' link. You will need to create an account or login using a prior years username/password. It is encouraged to apply for any and all jobs that interest you. If you have more questions regarding the work-study process, contact the Work-Study Coordinator.

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