Financial Aid Steps at Central Oregon Community College

1 Apply for Financial Aid

Submit either the FAFSA® or ORSAA for financial aid as soon as possible beginning in December. The FAFSA® covers federal and state aid, while the ORSAA is for undocumented students for Oregon-specific aid. If unsure, a pre-filter tool is available for guidance.

Apply For Financial Aid

2 Satisfy Financial Aid Requirements

Check your COCC email and Bobcat Web Account regularly, as the COCC Financial Aid Office might need more information after you submit the FAFSA®/ORSAA. Keep deadlines in mind to ensure on-time aid processing.

Satisfy Requirements

3 Review and Act on Financial Aid Offer

When your financial aid offer is ready, you will receive an 'Offer Notification' via COCC email. The offer is based on full-time enrollment, and you can accept or decline. If you are a first-time loan borrower, you will have additional steps at Consider scholarships if aid does not cover all costs.

Review and Act

4 Receive Financial Aid Funds

Students with sufficient financial aid can charge books and supplies at the COCC Bookstore. Financial aid is applied to student balances on the second Friday of each term. Refunds are generated the following week and can be tracked through the Bobcat Web Account.

Receiving Funds

5Maintain Financial Aid Eligibility

To maintain financial aid eligibility, students need to meet satisfactory academic progress standards of a cumulative minimum 2.0 GPA, cumulative minimum completion rate of 66.67%, and work toward the completion of a degree/certificate within 150% of the credit length of the program. Dropping, auditing, or failing classes may impact eligibility, and we advise students to contact the Financial Aid Office at 541-383-7260 for guidance.

Maintaining Eligibility