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What is GradTracks?

GradTracks helps you and your advisor:

  • Track your progress toward degree completion
  • See how completed courses are applied toward your degree/certification
  • Identify what requirements and courses still are needed to graduate
  • Explore other certificate/degree options
  • Plan your path to graduation.

How to access GradTracks

It's best to use firefox or chrome as your browser

  1. From the Student Login page
  2. Logon to your Bobcat Web Account
  3. Select the Student Services & Financial Aid tab.
  4. Click on the GradTracks link, and then on the GradTracks button.

You must be admitted to COCC and taking credit courses in order to view your information on GradTracks.

Video Help and Tutorials


What is GradTracks?


GradTracks Audit


GradTracks Plans

What to do if you need help

Internet Explorer and GradTracks

If you need assistance using GradTracks, check out the GradTracks FAQ page.

You can also click on the FAQ or Help links in GradTracks for help and guidance. These are located at the top of each GradTracks screen.

Your academic advisor can help you understand your degree/certificate requirements and courses you need to take.